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Buy Flavoured condoms online in India

Buy flavored condom online in India from 17 different types of condoms.
Available flavours

Flavoured condoms for safe and tasty oral sex

Flavoured condoms are a great alternative to regular condoms and are an added asset to your love making nights. Condoms are flavoured for a reason. They are purposely designed with edible flavours for enjoying oral sex. The pleasant aroma and the different flavours add more fun and pleasure to your love making sessions. Couples can enjoy refreshing and safe oral sex with different flavoured condoms.

Condom Flavours

Flavoured condoms are available in 17 different flavours from the best condom brands. They are created to make your love making nights more exciting and flavourful. Right from chocolate flavour to vanilla flavour and fruit flavour condom including apple, banana, grapes, cherry, mango and more flavours are available on shycart to make your sexual encounters more enjoyable. It is not a wise idea to involve in oral sex without using a condom.

When to use flavoured condoms

Use flavoured condoms when participating exclusively in oral sex. The flavoured coating on the condoms eliminates the latex taste and makes your moments more enjoyable and refreshing. Those who don't like the latex smell can go for flavoured condoms and try different flavors for a more interesting experience. Planning for safety during oral sex is important to prevent any risk of sexually transmitted diseases. They are 100% safe and undergo the same testing standards as regular condoms.

Buy flavoured condoms online

shycart is the best place to buy best-flavoured condoms online. 17 different flavours of condoms are available to give the user more fun and excitement and make their love making an unforgettable experience. Buy the best-flavoured condoms to indulge in safe oral sex.Check out different flavours, usage instructions and quality information before buying the product. shycart assures100% privacy and discreet packaging.

Tips to use flavoured condoms

Use condoms correctly and consistently to enjoy best protected sex.

  • Always buy condoms that perfectly and comfortably fit you.
  • Check the expiration date and buy condoms that are tested against quality standards.
  • Do not reuse a condom. Always use a new one each time you engage in sexual activities.
  • Use condom compatible lubricants for a more comfortable and satisfying experience.
  • Follow the usage and storage instructions to avoid any risk or damage when the product is used.

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