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K-Y Jelly Personal Jubricant 82g Pack of 2 - Reckitt Benckiser K-Y Jelly

572 566
( 75 )

1551 pieces sold

Ky jelly- massage 2in1

936 926
( 1 )

29 pieces sold

Moods warm gel- ky jelly

546 536
( 3 )

33 pieces sold

Moods cool lube - ky lubricating jelly

546 536
( 7 )

54 pieces sold

Durex play tingling and ky jelly personal lubricant combo

761 751
( 1 )

19 pieces sold

K-y jelly personal lubricant (Reckitt Benckiser -Durex)

( 45 )

903 pieces sold

Reviews (130)

Average Rating :
Very good packing and delivery ! About products: Durex is best. In flavour Manforce is best. Skore is not that good. Overall satisfied.
On  24-Mar-2019
Keep it up
On  24-Mar-2019
Good Product! -
Had a really good shopping experience.
On  08-Feb-2019
Items were delivered much before the scheduled date. Packaging was very good. Please increase product base.
On  17-Jan-2019
Fast delivery
On  14-Jan-2019
Good purchasing experience
On  11-Jan-2019
Superb service, thanks shycart for making my honeymoon awesome.
On  11-Jan-2019
Very much Satisfied
On  11-Jan-2019
Really impressed with the three layered discreet packing. Was not expecting the same.
On  09-Jan-2019
DX -
This product is very good for use with sex toy I full enjoy anal sex with sex machine by using this product. Thanks for everything
On  09-Jan-2019

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