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Vaginismus Vaginal Dilator Set - Pack of 6 Different Sizes

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Vaginismus Vaginal Dilator Set & KY Jelly Personal Lubricant

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Vaginismus Vaginal Dilator Set & I-Know Ovulation Test Kits

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Vaginismus treatment kit & Pre-seed fertility friendly lubricant

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Recommended by Doctor -
Very good product. Solves problem
On  16-Sep-2020
Great service. You should market yourself more. It took me a lot of searching and I chanced upon your website. I am glad I found it. But there may be many who could use this system and might not know it is there.
On  04-Aug-2020
product is satisfactory -
The product is as per description and was shipped in time.
On  28-Jul-2020
Go for it -
This is amazing.. This product did wonders for me.. I was not able to have sex due to vaginismus for 5 years.. Every time me and my husband tried to have intercourse, I used to start crying because of pain.. Also tried visiting doctor (gynaecologist), had a lot of pain, while she was examining me. So never dared to go back to her.. Found this site while surfing internet.. and this amazing amazing product i.e vaginal dilators.. after reading the reviews.. I had an hope that I could have sex someday like normal person.. So ordered it.. And after using it or less than a month.. I was able to have sex.. that to without pain.. (just sweet pleasurable pain). I used started with smallest one on day 1 after about 5 mins I was comfortable with it ,so moved to size 2.. it was a bit tough in starting.. but within 20 mins was able to insert the 2nd one also.. Next day again I started with 1st one than 2nd and then 3rd one.. every day I used to spend minimum 30 mins with the most tough one inside me.. each day I used to start from first one.. on around 25th day.. I was able to insert the last size..That gave me a lot of confidence.. And was able to have sex Finally.. This has just changed my life.. Thankyou.. And all the best to other girls facing same issues.. Go for it.. You can do it.. Hope my review helps you.
On  28-Jul-2020
Loved the range of products here! Some of the products are not very easily available in India otherwise.
On  20-Jul-2020
Awesome job. Keep it up
On  15-Jul-2020
Am really very much satisfied and the delivery duration was excellent I got the product within two or three days after I made an order. Excellent service.
On  19-Jun-2020
Positive product -
Made a good choice by going with this product
On  29-Apr-2020
Fadt shipping -
Fast and discrete shipping
On  23-Feb-2020
loved it -
loved it
On  23-Feb-2020
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