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Buy Cloth Pads online in India

Buy Cloth Pads online in India for the cramp-free and hygienic period. Cloth menstrual pads are reusable, in fact, it can also hamper pampering bacteria and skin rashes. Because conventional sanitary pads block airflow to the vagina as they are made of plastic ingredients. The bacterial infections are caused solely due to insufficient airflow to the vagina. And this doesn't stop with bacterial infection but causes painful rashes and cramps during periods. Not least of all disadvantages of conventional pads, the presence of dioxin in sanitary pads is a whole new horrifying story. Dioxin is a harmful chemical and is earmarked as a No.1 carcinogen. But worry no more! Buy Cloth menstrual pads online in India to prevent all these and have safe and cramp-free menstruation.

Benefits of Cloths Pads online in India

  • Mitigates Menstrual Cramps and Rashes
  • Reusable
  • Cost Effective
  • Eco-friendly
  • Does not Leak
  • Easy to Wash and Re-use
  • Chemical Free and Hyoallergenic
  • Feels Comfortable

Who can use Cloth Menstrual Pads?

There is no restriction and age limit to use this reusable cloth pad. Because health and safety should be provided for all. Since the cloth pads online in India are made of cotton cloth, this reusable cloth menstrual pad is ideal for women of all age groups.

What is the Cloths Pads price in India?

Finding Cloth pads in a physical store or pharmacy is not so easy. Because only very recently the cloths pads started to gain popularity in Indian markets. And still many are not aware of this amazing reusable pads. However, the cloth menstrual pads are ubiquitous online. One can easily buy cloth pads online in India at low price. The price of the Cloth Pads start from Rs.150 in India.

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