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A condom is a thin, sheath -shaped, fitted tube used my men during sexual activities. It is the most popular method of birth control. You can use a condom during oral, anal and vaginal sex. It is easy to use and easily available at physical stores and online portals.

Purpose to use a condom

Condoms are made from thin latex and act as a barrier method of contraception. It is easy, convenient and affordable method of contraception used by most of the couples.There are male condoms and female condoms. Use condoms from start to end correctly everytime you are involved in sexual intercourse.Using condoms is the best way to

  • Prevent unplanned pregnancies
  • Protect against sexually transmitted diseases

Condom Effectiveness

No contraception assures 100% protection. Condoms when used correctly and consistently can ensure 98% protection against STDs. Condom effectiveness depends on some factors like

  • right usage and storage of condom
  • read the instructions about how to use a condom
  • choose the right size condom
  • using one at a time
  • use a new one every time
  • use only for the intended purpose
  • do not use male and female condom together

Types of condoms available on shycart to buy online

Check out a wide range of condom varieties and choose the one you find the best for you and your partner. Different types of condoms are available from the best condom brands to suit everyone’s sexual needs.

Regular condoms: Most men use regular plain condoms made from natural rubber latex. If you have sensitive skin and if you are allergic to latex, you can choose one from non-latex condoms.

Textured condoms: Dotted condoms, extra dotted condoms, ribbed condoms, extra ribbed condoms, dotted and ribbed condoms and more variety of condoms are available on shycart. Choose a condom depending on your pleasure related needs.

Flavoured condoms: Created to make your sexual encounters safe and tasty. Right from chocolate flavoured to fruit flavoured, explore 17 different condom flavours online on shycart.

Female condoms: A female condom is a thin pouch used by a female partner during intercourse which prevents the exchange of body fluids. Internal condom is inserted into the vagina before sex.

Best condom brands

Shycart showcases wide variety of condoms online from top rated condom brands. Explore all the condom varieties and choose the one that best fits your needs. Not everyone likes the same brand and same texture. Choosing a condom is entirely a couple’s personal choice. Check out all the popular condoms brands like durex, moods, manforce, Kamasutra, skore and more. All the leading condom brands aim to provide the best quality condoms that provide both pleasure and protection.

How to choose the best condom

With many different types of condoms available, choosing the best one takes a little time. Finding a condom that fits well and feels good will be the best choice for you and your partner. Using the right sized condom is equally important which reduces the risk of condom damage.

From regular condoms to textured condoms, flavored condoms to delay condoms, there are different condom varieties available in the market. If you are a beginner you must be confused about what is the best condom for beginners. Knowing a little about your condom size, how to use a condom and educating yourself about having safe sex is important to safeguard yourself and your partner during sexual intercourse. For couples having first-time sex and prefer to keep close contact and intimacy without any distractions, using ultra thin condoms is the best option. And for couples, who are bored of regular plain condoms, they can buy textured condoms online that come in different types like dotted, ribbed, extra dotted and more.

Buy Condoms Online

Some people are hesitant to buy condoms in physical stores. In that case you can always buy condoms online. There is everything you need to know about condoms, how to use condoms, tips to use condoms correctly, choosing the right size condom, do’s and dont’s and about side effects if any. Depending on your pleasure related needs, buy condoms online on shycart. Choose from different varieties. Check out the condom price, reviews and more information. Planning for protected sex is your first priority. shycart makes it simple and easy to shop condoms online that suit your needs. There is a condom for everyone. Just that you need to experiment with different condom varieties and find the best one that suits you and your partner.

Things to keep in mind while choosing condoms

  • It is always good to educate yourself on how important it is to have safe sex so that it will be safe for both partners.
  • Ensure you and your partner are not allergic to condoms or lubricants that are used with condoms.
  • Refer to the condoms size guide and choose the right size condoms for the best experience.
  • Buy condoms online and experiment to find out the best condom that works for you and your partner.
  • Buy lubricants online to enjoy smooth and comfortable intercourse.
  • When condoms are used as per the instructions provided, they are 98% effective in preventing unplanned pregnancies and other sexually transmitted diseases.
  • When you buy condoms online make sure to check the expiry date and read the usage instructions and storage instructions to use condoms correctly.
  • Condom allergies

    Can condoms cause irritation or allergy? Some people who are allergic to latex condoms experience irritation, itchiness, swelling or redness around the genital area after using a latex condom. In that case, it is advised to buy non-latex condoms and other condoms for sensitive skin to plan for protected sex.

    Sometimes the ingredients in lubricants and spermicide that are used to coat condoms, may cause allergic reactions. Buy non lubricated condoms if you are allergic to lubricated condoms. You can also try natural lubricants like aloe vera gel to add lubrication during intercourse.

    What are the latex-free options available for those with latex allergies ?

    Most of the condoms available in the market contain latex and are made from natural rubber latex. However there are few alternative condom options available for those who have latex allergies.

    • Polyurethane condoms.
    • Polyisoprene condoms
    • Lambskin condoms

    Frequently asked questions about Condoms

    How effective is a condom?

    When used consistently and appropriately, online ordered condoms have proven to be highly effective in preventing HIV/STDs and pregnancy. Even though condoms are highly effective, there is still a chance of failure. So, when you use a condom, you should be able to avoid pregnancy/STDs for about 98 times out of 100. The most appropriate way to make condoms more effective is by using it the right way, every time you have intercourse. Also, use it in addition to other birth control methods. This will give you protection against STDs and increased protection against pregnancy.

    How does condom work?

    Condoms function by preventing semen of men from moving into the vagina. The male condom is worn over a male's penis right after he gets his erection but before any intimate contact with the vagina. This condom is rolled down to the shaft of the male genital while keeping the end of the condom to leave a little extra room at the end. After the man ejaculates, he should hold on to the condom at the base of the penis when he pulls it from the vagina. He should do this when the penis continues to be erect in order to avoid the condom from slipping off when he is flaccid. Should this happen, sperm could get into the vagina of a woman. Thus, one should take a little extra caution before using condoms.

    Do condoms prevent pregnancy?

    The good news is a big yes. Among the many contraceptive methods available like oral pills, etc., Condoms stand out with the highest success rate of 95%. While other methods have health risks and side effects, condoms do not have any side effect/ health risks. They prevent the semen from getting in contact with the female genitalia. The best way to make condoms work as well as possible is to use them correctly every single time you have vaginal, oral, and anal sex without any room for errors. That means wearing it the entire time, from start to finish. It is mandatory to ensure that the condom is rolled on your penis the right way before there’s any skin-to-skin genital contact. Using condoms + another form of birth control (like the pill, IUD, or shot) is a recommended way to get extra pregnancy prevention AND protection against STDs. Using withdrawal (“pulling out”) while you wear a condom can help keep sperm out of the vagina and lower the risk for pregnancy. You must never use a male condom with a female condom. Condoms in India are designed to be used on their own, and doubling up will certainly not give you any extra protection.

    Are small condoms available in India?

    Yes, small condoms are available in India. Most of the online condoms shopping portals features only condoms in specific sizes only. Usage of a super fit/ snug fit condom is suggested since they will fit all sizes and is one of the best small sized condoms with excellent quality and best prices.

    Is it safe to buy condoms online in India?

    It is 100% safe to buy condoms online in India , very low cost with the best quality condoms are available India. Please check the procedures followed by the shopping portals in ensuring the privacy of the customers.

    How to buy condoms in India ?

    Many people are hesitant to buy condoms in physical stores. In that case, you can easily buy best condoms online in India. While buying condoms, the first question that arises is 'where to buy condoms in India' followed by 'how to buy condoms online'. Online stores would be the best place to buy condoms since you can check out all the details like condoms usage instructions, reviews about condoms and also price of condoms online. You can find answers to all your questions related to condoms which helps you to choose the best condoms online. Before buying any product, it is always good to know about it in detail. Right from best selling condoms to best priced condoms, all the information about different types of condoms is available online. With all the information about the top selling condoms provided, the process of buying condoms online is made simple and clear. You can buy best selling condoms from the best brands available at affordable prices. And then comes the point of privacy. People are concerned how to buy condoms discreetly. At shycart, we guarantee you 100% privacy. We take all the necessary steps to keep your online order discreet.

    Buy condoms online

    Buy condoms online in India at low cost. shycart makes online shopping simple and discreet. Instead of visiting a physical store nearby, you can buy condom online. Your privacy assured online condom order will be delivered to your doorstep. When you buy condom online, you can check out the best quality and best selling condoms along with the risks and side effects if they have any. All the necessary information, do's and don’ts of are clearly mentioned which you are not comfortable discussing with anyone. Condom online shopping clarifies all your doubts and provides you with the best quality of condoms available at low cost.

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    The product as such is good on the basis of a two day use. I think the quality is good. Delivery time and management is good. Only one suggestion is to provide with more products in your shopping list.
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    Great shopping with you.
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