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Super Dotted and Naturally Ribbed all the way!

Here you will find a wide selection of condoms with not only ribs but dots as well. Dots are stimulating while ribs provide that extra pleasure at the right moment for you. Try out from our extensive range of different ribs & dots condoms and find the right condom for you. As the name proposes, definitely unlike the normal condoms, the ribbed condoms have ridges and lines, which are barely protracted and lifted to offer additional joy.

Ribbed condoms are specially designed condoms that come with raised ridges to provide extra sensations to both and offer differing textures to transform the intensity of the moment. It tends to naturally make the moment naughtier. So when you are bored of monotonously trying the normal condoms, then it’s time to switch to the ribbed condom. This comes with ribbed texture all through the outer surface of a ribbed condom, which will not only provide friction and induce more pleasure but will also multiply the amount of stimulation that a woman would experience during intercourse. Dotted condoms not only creates extra friction and greater stimulation and enjoyment for the partner thereby evoking a deeper sexual response from both but also takes one through a more adventurous journey.

The dots tend to create extra pressure on the nerve endings present on the walls. We can evidently feel the difference between a plain and a dotted condom. Also, we can feel some slight roughness the dots create throughout. The Durex Pleasure Me condoms have not only ribs but dots as well which offer a stimulating texture that gives an interesting intensity to both the individuals. If you’re adventurous enough do ensure to get yourself some dotted and ribbed condoms to experience a more exciting journey!

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