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Periods are a very sensitive time for most females. Most of the women appear to be harried by irritation and rashes during periods. Nowadays, every woman has to go through immense stomach pain, body pain and lower guts pain. Sometimes due to the excessive blood flow and wetness, there can be physical rashes on the thighs. These rashes are red and can cause aggravation around the area as well. Such rashes can be bothersome and very painful during periods. It makes you uncomfortable and anxious for the duration of the day. It not just ruins your concentration at work, it can also leave you feeling touchy and irritable. You should not disregard irritation, as it might indicate an underlying disease even if it only looks like a simple rash. You can say goodbye to rashes and itching by taking preventive measures. The rash that you are experiencing might be a sensitivity or allergic reaction to chemicals inside the pads. As menstrual items are considered 'medical devices' organizations don't have to list fixings on their packing, and laws protecting manufacturers mean they do not have to disclose ingredients to anybody so we have no chance to get off knowing potential dangers and in case you are allergic to a specific ingredient it can't be easily avoided. Organic menstrual pads, Cloth menstrual pads and you could also consider other menstrual products such as menstrual cups like Shecup or Mooncup. Rashes can also be caused if the pad you use is not of a good quality and company. Though you get your periods only once a month, these rashes can become a problem for whatever is left of the month as well if you don't take appropriate care. It can also prompt infections later on. A couple of tips to take after to have a rash free period are as per the following: 1. Use good sanitary pads or Menstrual Cup, 2. Clean Regularly, 3. Change Regularly, 4. Have a bath regularly.

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