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Buy Lube online in India. 100% safe! Lubricant gel will make your lovemaking smooth and fun. Buy best quality personal lubricant online from 13 different types of lubricants available in India. Check out best lubricant gel reviews and ratings, benefits and prices.

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Buy Lubes online in India

Buy Lubes online in India at a low price to maximize sexual pleasure. Lubricant for sex is nothing but the sex lubricant which is often to reduce the vaginal dryness and to promote the smooth and pain free sex. Personal lubricant are also known as the Personal lubricant which is usually in the gel like nature that can effectively reduce the excruciating friction. Buy lubes with 100% assured privacy and sex lubricant online mostly common used by men which are applied or smear on an erect penis to smooth insertion into the female genital as this will help one reduce friction and smooth intercourse and let the couple enjoy the full pleasure of sex without any pain due to vaginal dryness. Lubes is not just for intercourse, sometimes it can also be used for masturbation. Buy Best Personal Lubricant in India that offer greater sexual experience as it will reduce the redundant and excessive friction between the penis and vagina. Sex oils can also be used to reduce friction during other types of sexual activities like anal sex, and much more. Lubes can also be applied to sex toys for seamless penetration. Additionally, Sex lubricant are a great option to enhance sex life and it will let couples to encounter the sexual experience that they never have ever experienced before in their life. The one secret ingredients of personal lube is that it offers smoother penetration which will make the couple immerse in the intensifying sexual stimulation and sensation. Buy Lubes that will get rid of mundane sex and kick the sexual boredom out of the bedroom. It has gained popularity in India over the past few years. This means people started realizing the magic of sex lubes. Personal lubricant offers a real smooth and fun filled sexual intercourse to the couple and it will help them enjoy an enthralling eroticism every time they make love. One can buy personal lubricant with 100% assured privacy and completely discreet packaging at shycart where privacy is the priority. There are also different types of lubes and sprays to enhance sexual pleasure to a whole new level. Be that as it may, all types of lubes share one common feature that is to effectively and efficiently to reduce vaginal dryness and promote smoother intercourse.

Types of Lubes online in India

One of the hardest thing when one buy Personal lubricant could be choosing between the different of lubricants online Each types of lubricant in India will provide different sensation and feel while making loving erotically. Personal Lubricant are most sought sexual wellness product after condoms because it offer lot of customization and different varieties. Lubes are predominantly used to overcome vaginal dryness and as a substitute to natural lubrication in women. Lubricant for sex online can effectively promote smooth and pain free sex. Generally, Personal lubricants are categorized into five different types based on the nature, ingredients and features of the respective lube. Every sex oils are made with different base materials. Each lube has its unique purpose and lubricants like silicone based lube should not be used with adult toys. Check out the different types of lubes.

Lubes online in India are primarily categorized as five different types of personal lubricant namely water-based lubricant, silicone-based lubricant, oil-based lubricants, flavoured sex lube and fertility lubes. Each types of lubes will have different properties and features which will help you have breathtaking sexual intercourse. So, it is better to buy lubes of different types every time to find out the best lubricant. It promotes very healthy bonding and smooth sex everytime. So now, one need not to worry about the vaginal dryness and pain during sex. Buy Lubes in India to enjoy the ultimate pleasure of love.

Before getting started with the different types of lubes in India, it is mandatory what exactly is person lubricant. Personal lubricant online is more like a gel or jelly substance that applied either on the erect penis or inside the vagina during sexual intercourse to reduce the friction. Sex oils, often known as just lubes, can also be used for other sexual activities like intercourse and masturbation, with adult sex toys, anal sex, suitable for LGBT communities as well, to reduce friction between the male and female genitals, and other body parts for much better and smoother penetration. Using best lubes that will help both male and female to have smooth and fun-filled sexual intercourse as it will let the genitals glide seamlessly and getting rid of all the frictions. Lubes online for sexual activities are gaining popularity in recent years as people are becoming conscious about sexual wellness. Most importantly, lubricant in India are manufactured from skin-friendly and certified safe to use. However, if one has sensitive skin, then he or she has consult doctor before using it.

Personal Lubricants are available huge varieties and collections and from most renowned brands like Kamasutra, Skore, Durex, Moods etc. The most popular types of sex lubes used across the globe are water based lubricant. Each type of lubes offers a different type of fun and feature with one feature to let the couple have smooth and pain free intercourse. Few things to keep in mind is that water based lube online in India is easy to wash whereas silicone based lube are hard to wash off as it is designed to offer long lasting lubrication. Also, silicone bases lubricant should not be used with condoms as it will break the chemical structure of the condom's material. One choose between a wide range of lubes online which are categorized as best selling lubes in terms of brands such as Kamasutra, Skore, Durex, KY jelly(Johnson & Johnson) and many more. This degree of customization makes it favourable for anyone to buy personal lubricant in India without compromising the privacy.

KY jelly personal lubricant

KY Jelly is from the house of Johnson and Johnson which is the most preferred lubricant across the world. KY Jelly online in India are best selling lubricant due to several reasons like it performs really well, effectively mitigate the vaginal dryness and most importantly, it is cheap. This is one of the best water-based lube to start with. KY jelly is sure to add a zing to the sex life and brings new sensation during foreplay and love-making. This KY Jelly Personal lube can effectively alleviate the vaginal dryness and help both partners enjoy the scintillating pain-free sexual intercourse with exhilarating intimacy in bed. Because the smooth and pain free penetration are what every couple needs and with this KY Jelly Persona Lubricant couples can just achieve that to skyrocket the stimulation and sensations and making sexual intercourse more throbbing and quivering every single time. KY Jelly Personal Lubricant is a skin-friendly lube and certified that it has no side effects. Since this KY Jelly Personal lube in India is body-friendly meaning that it can be applied wherever a couple wishes to apply. And KY Jelly Personal lube will be a great addition to foreplay as it can also be used as a massaging sex oil. Using this KY Jelly Personal Lubricant as massaging sex oil will let couples to experience scintillating foreplay as it let the couple enjoy the feel of the real gliding wet naughtiness for titillating physical intimacy and exploding orgasm for you both. KY Jelly Personal Lubricant online is sure to tune the sex life to an exhilarating pace. Buy KY Jelly Personal Lubricant at the best price.

Moods Warm Lubes

Moods Warm Lubes online will embellish the extra sensational warming effect to your indescribable intimacy. Moods warm sex lubricant are loaded with natural ingredients that increase sensual pleasures and stimulation which make it more exciting. Moods Warm lubes are most sought sex oil in India as it offers an exhilarating warming sensation to the genitals which stimulate the genitals even more effectively. This stimulation results in a higher level of satisfaction and exhilarating orgasms. Moods warm lube in India are the ideal options of sex gel during winter just because of its warming sensation. Moods lubes online feels heaven in the shivering winter. One can try Moods Lubes with flavoured condoms to experiment with newer dimension of lovemaking in bed. Moods Warming lube is water-based lubricants which implies that it does not stain and they are very easy to wash off the penis or condom. It is skin-friendly and hypoallergenic making it the best addition to your breathtaking intercourse! Vaginal dryness has always been the predominant cause for pain during sex and lack of sexual pleasure. It can, for sure, adversely affect sex life! Usually, such a condition is a direct result of lack of lubrication. If there is a lack of natural lubrication during intercourse, then there are higher chances of genital irritation and pain. To avoid this, it is often necessary to use a personal lubricant to add an extra layer of lubrication.

Skore Strawberry Flavoured Lubes

Buy Skore Strawberry flavoured lube online in India at the best price. Strawberry flavoured lubricant are for more natural sensation coupled seduction filled strawberry flavour and lubrication. Buy Strawberry flavoured personal lubes with 100% assured privacy and concealed packaging. Skore Strawberry flavoured sex lubes is a scrumptious fruity, upgraded, smooth and enhanced personal lubes which is a great alternative for vaginal dryness and promotes in smooth and pain-free sex. Strawberry flavoured Lubricant from Skore is free from sugar, free from harmful chemicals and the ingredients are skin-friendly which are certified to use and consume during oral sex. Strawberry is the most popular flavour and loved by almost everyone. This Skore Strawberry Flavoured lubricant tends to enhance oral sex experiences and excites the taste buds. With the rich Strawberry flavour, it is bound to make the oral pleasures more fun and exciting. Also, its characteristic smell is quite pleasant and efficiently enhance moods, sensations and finally the sexual stimulation for romping sexual encounter. Strawberry Flavour in the Skore Flavoured sex oil can also be used with regular condoms to mask the latex taste and smell and make your partner feel more comfortable during fellatio, thereby, subsequently spicing up your sensual pleasures! Skore Flavoured personal lube online is basically a water-based personal lubricant making it much more exciting with the raw essence of strawberry which is intoxicating and invigorating at the same time to take mundane sex to the world of Euphoria. With Strawberry flavoured lubes, the arousal is not a problem for both men and women anymore. Because the provocating and capricious fragrance of the Skore Strawberry flavoured lubricant is sure to flicker the moods and sensations that will induce uncontrollable seduction and sexual arousal to both the partners. This Strawberry flavoured gel is also non-spermicidal meaning that it will not kill the sperm cells. Skore Strawberry lube in India are water soluble lube so it will not stain. Skore strawberry flavoured condoms are easy to use and wash. Skore Strawberry flavoured sex gel is not only for oral sex but also it caters the lubrication for smooth and pain-free sex to overcome vaginal dryness. Skore flavoured lubricant comes in a 50 ml bottle at the best price. Buy Skore Strawberry flavoured lubes at the best price.

Durex Play Tingling Cool Lubes online

Durex Play Tingle Cooling lube is a personal lubricant made to enjoy the exhilarating eroticism in bed with your playmate. It makes the private part wetter and eases the fun having a moment. Cool is the new sexy. Buy Durex Play Tingle Coolinging Lubricant for chilling and thrilling fun in bed with your lovebug. Fulfil her sexual appetite in a cooler way than you could ever do. Durex Cool lubricant will reduce the friction between the genitals during penetration and let you have a smooth and scintillating lovemaking session. Durex Play Tingle Cooling lubes will give you both the supercooling and chilling sensation every time you go to and fro into her. Durex Play Tingle Cooling lube is for that tingling and refreshing sensation of heightened intimacy. It is a personal lubricant which is used during sexual intercourse to reduce the friction between couples and yet it will turn on the heat in a cool way. It will make intercourse smoother and more pleasurable than ever. Durex Play Tingle Cooling sex gel is the best and perfect choice for summer. It contains Glycerine, Hydroxyethyl Cellulose, Propyl Paraben, Methyl Paraben, Citric Acid and Deionized water. All the ingredients used in this cool lubricant are medical grade and skin friendly. Durex Play Tingle Cooling gel is water-soluble, hypo-allergenic and doesn’t stain. Durex Cool sex gel online allows you to cool down the senses and holds your temptations for a long while with the addition of menthol lubrication. Introduced in the pleasure series by Durex, a renowned brand, this product takes your game to the next level and lets you discover new horizons in the playbook of intimacy. What makes Durex Cool sex gel to stand out from the rest of the lubes is its ability to maintain the warm sexual energy along with the cool and soothing sensations. It’s just in the winters that the nights are longer. But now, one can buy Durex Cool lubes in India - an all season pass for longer and memorable nights filled with fun and excitement! This icy juicy Durex cool personal lubricant comes with a uniquely formulated lubricant for cooling sensation, this, in turn, will let you extend your lovemaking session like never before. Durex cool lubricant online will give you a cooling sensation and thrilling experience that complements your mood.

Kamasutra LongLast Spray

Last longer in bed with the LongLast Spray from Kamasutra LongLast Spray! Kamasutra LongLast Spray in India helps in delaying ejaculation for men. Since premature ejaculation is the most common sexual problem faced by men today, Kamasutra LongLast Spray online just comes to rescue as it can tackle the premature ejaculation with the special active ingredient benzocaine or lidocaine of these extra time LongLast Spray. Lasting longer is an important aspect of pleasurable outcomes in sexual intercourse. Most of the couple experience lack of sex drive and dissatisfaction owing to premature ejaculations. By decreasing the excess sensitivity in the genitals, Kamasutra LongLast Spray allows you to have untimely hours of pleasure and joy paving ways for mutual satisfaction. Kamasutra LongLast Spray can also be used as a lubricant in order to ensure pain-free, comfortable and prolonged sexual experiences. Effective lubrication also comes in handy to tackle the problem of painful vaginal penetration and irritation during intercourse. Apart from giving an overwhelming experience, Kamasutra LongLast Spray is an incredible fit for your sexual enhancement and lovemaking with your ladylove. Buy Kamasutra LongLast Spray in India to kick away premature ejaculation and have a prolonged and provocatively pleasuring sex with your lovebug in bed. Kamasutra LongLast Spray has no side effects and it is clinically proven as safe to use and skin-friendly. Buy the Kamasutra LongLast Spray LongLast Spray here at Shycart – your one-stop portal to buy LongLast Spray online! Get the best extra time LongLast Spray with discreet packing and delivery as Shycart gives you 100% privacy protection on the purchase of products. Kamasutra Delay Spray is a long last climax delay lubricant which is a spray type luubricant for delaying male's ejaculation. Kamasutra is a very famous long last delay spray in the world which is used by couples to prolong sexual pleasure and last longer in bed. Kamasutra delay spray is mainly used to treat most common sexual problem for men, Premature Ejaculation.

Sasmar Conceive Plus Fertility Lubricant

Conceive Plus sperm and Fertility friendly lubricant that helps women who are trying to conceive a baby for more than a year. This Fertility Lubricant is 100% non-spermicidal which is the key variable it is most favoured by the vast majority of the couples when they are really taking shape of a child. Conceive Plus Fertility lubricant online in India are additionally good with polyurethane and latex condoms. For fertilization to occur, the sperm should swim quickly and reach eg. The sperms should be healthy enough to form a baby. A woman's probability of conceiving increase during their ovulation period. Sasmar Conceive Plus Fertility Friendly Lubricant can be used anytime you have intercourse and want to supplement lubrication and moisture. You can apply just-the-right amount for you before intercourse. Conceive Plus Fertility lube is to be inserted into the vaginal canal where it mimics woman body's secretions. Conceive plus fertility lubricants should be applied inside the vaginal walls as it will make the lubricant act like the body's own fluids. This will also provide a natural feeling during lovemaking. This sperm friendly lubricant is uniquely blended formula which is speically made that it is safe to apply inside the vagina and cervical opening. This will accord an optimal environment for the sperm cells to travel to the egg. Even though Conceive Plus Fertility lube is specifically designed for couples who are trying-to-conceive, many women use this product for other reasons. It's moisturizing and causes no irritation which is perfect for women with pelvic pain issues, women undergoing hormonal changes, dryness and women who tend to need a more sensitive formula.

Durex Massage oils

Durex has brought a luscious and exquisite Massage Oils to uplift the intimate relationship and encounter quivering pleasure every time you make love. Durex Massage Oils is usually smeared in and over the genitalia during or before the sexual intercourse. This Massage Oils will mitigate the vaginal dryness and help you enjoy the scintillating pain-free sexual intercourse with your honeybunch in bed. Consequently, the frictionless penetration with this Durex Massage oils from Durex will skyrocket the stimulation and sensations for you both when you go to and fro into her. Durex Massage Oils is skin-friendly lube and has no side effects. Since this Massage oils from Durex is body-friendly it can be applied wherever you wish to apply. Massage oils from Durex is a great addition to your foreplay as it can also be used as a massaging sex oil. When the couples use this Massage Oils as massaging sex oil during lovemaking then they will be able to experience scintillating foreplay as you feel the real gliding wet naughtiness for titillating physical intimacy and exploding orgasm for you both. Durex Massage oils in India is sure to tune the sex life to an exhilarating pace. Buy Durex Massage Oils in India at best price which contains a delicate fragrance to it and it also allows users for an elevated sexual experience. Durex Massage oils online is one of the best massage lubricants available online. Durex massaging lubricant gel is one of the best water based lubes that is preferred by most of the people. It can be used both as a massage gel and water-based lubricant which can be applied over the entire body.

Skore OH! Pleasure for Women

Skore OH! Pleasure Gel for Women in India opens the gateway for the quivering shivering orgasms and intensifying intimacy by stimulating the clit! Skore OH! Pleasure Gel for Women is for females, in fact, it is a sexual enhancement cream for females. This Pleasure Gel for Women is most commonly known as the g spot Pleasure Gel for Women, clit stimulation cream or clit arousal cream. Skore OH! clitoris stimulation cream can accord the best and exploding orgasms of her life because it will create an unprecedented titillating sensation in her clit. This vaginal stimulation cream will, for sure, ignite that burning sexual desire in her. And it can definitely kick out the sexual boredom from your bedroom. Skore OH! Pleasure Gel for Women in India will let you both enjoy and experience the heavenly pleasure of lovemaking which is comparable to nothing in this entire planet. You will be lost in the pure bliss of romance when you use this clit arousal cream. Skore OH! offering a unique blend of stimulation cream marked to uplift the female arousal that complements the euphoric orgasms every time. Skore OH! Stimulating clitoris cream is delicately fabricated using the unique blend of natural and skin-friendly ingredients that are aphrodisiac in nature. These ingredients will enhance the blood flow to the clitoris and augment the sensitivity. This, in turn, will help the women to get better and pulsating stimulation. A big thanks to its creator as we have been receiving only positive comments about this g spot Pleasure Gel for Women due to its capability to accentuate every bit of the sexual pleasure. This clit arousal creams can take your sexual pleasure and physical intimacy beyond the wildest dreams that you always envied! The pulsating stimulation catered by this vaginal stimulation cream not only uplift your physical intimacy but it also completely satisfy your sexual desire that you always want to quench it completely. With this clitoral Pleasure Gel for Women, you will able to relive and recreate your best sex!

Silicone Based Lubes

Buy silicone based lubricant in India is completely free from paraben and have perfectly pH balanced glycerin. It is made using a skin friendly and harmless ingredients that are completely natural, organic, food-grade, EcoCert, EU certified. All these formulas are perfect for everyone, including people with sensitivities and allergies. The silicone based personal lubricant online are one of the best selling lubricants at shycart which can also be used as a massage oils thanks to its special formula. Silicone molecules in the silicone lubes are super concentrated bodyglide lube which can't be absorbed by the skin so it will remain on the surface. Most of the silicone sex gels in India will cater a long-lasting lubricating effect for sexual intercourse as well as very long and much-needed massage. Just a dab will be suffice for a pleasant and long-lasting gliding effect for an invigorating pleasure. Buy silicone lubricants which is absolutely reliable lubricant for good, long-lasting excitement. All the silicone lubricant online in India are made of premium formulation to ensure that it is skin-friendly and safe to use. All these ingredient bound together to create an exceptional silicone lubricant that is made from the absolute best ingredients. Buy silicone lubes because it can offer the perfect consistency so that people can feel the right amount of sensation and have that long lasting lubrication without ever getting sticky or tacky. It is the ideal product to use instead of oil for an out of the world erotic massage that leads to love-making. Many people use silicone sex gel while taking shower or in the pools. One thing to remember when ordering silicone lubes is that it is hard and it hard washing to get washed off. Because of this many people use water based lubes which can be washed off easily in any occasion. Silicone gels are also regared as the personal lubricant as they are made from a blend of three superior silicones. All three are the best and the purest quality and completely medical-grade. Apart from silicone, nothing else is intentionally added to this formula in order to ensure that these silicone lubes are hygienic and perfectly inert so that it would flush from the body quickly and easily. Silicone sex lube formula is very ideal for women with delicate tissue, skin sensitivities and allergies. Women who are in their menopause can also use silicone lubricant to get rid of vaginal dryness.

Ero Stimulating Spray

Ero Stimulating Spray will stimulate the women's mood within a couple of minutes for your romping night ahead. Ero stimulating Spray for women will last almost for an hour filled with a wild ride. With this Ero stimulating Spray, a woman can enjoy foreplay, sexual intercourse, and it makes her feel young. Buy Ero arousal spray online in India is Spray or spray which made of skin friendly ingredients and has no side effects as it can accord the exhilarating and quivering orgasm all night. Ero stimulating Spray is also known as female arousal spray that augments the sensitivity in the vagina when applied for coquettish lovemaking. The Ero stimulating Spray will boost intimacy and ignites the fire between couples. This stimulating Spray from Ero will make the foreplay fervid. It is common in some Women that they have lesser sensations or stimulations. But when opting to buy Ero stimulating Spray for her, it will get great benefits as it will induce titillating sexual intercourse whenever Ero stimulating Spray is used. Ero stimulating Spray not only enhances the genital stimulation but also helps to promote the healthy sex life between couples who are having sexual boredom. Using it regularly will boost confidence and make women feel younger! Ero stimulating Spray is also known as arousal spray, which is applied to the female genitals before making love, will enhance the sensations during sexual intercourse. The Ero arousal spray is made to be spray from clinically tested ingredients and it has no side effects. This stimulating spray for Women helps her get the most out of the sexual stimulations! Being skin-friendly, it acts also promotes maintain the pH in the vagina and it will not cause any irritations and itching thereby keeping the intimate areas healthy and free from rashes. Ero stimulating Spray also helps in restoring natural lubrication and stimulates the intimate area. This Ero stimulating Spray is your gateway to feeling young again with increased stimulating in each of your sexual encounters.

Best Selling Lubes in India

Preseed Fertility friendly Lubricant

Buy Preseed online in India is a fertility-friendly lubricant that can be used by couples who are trying to conceive a baby! Preseed Fertility Lubricant is the only sperm friendly lubricant that contains all essential elements and ions that can facilitate the successful conception. As these elements and ions are essential for cell viability and the process of fertilization. Using Preseed Fertility Lubricant can substantially increase the chances of getting pregnant in a natural way. Know more about this Preseed Fertility Lubricant. Preseed Fertility Lubricant was formulated using the ingredients that are necessary in conception of baby and is designed for couples who are trying to have a baby for more than a year. Preseed Fertility friendly lubes are formulated scientifically in order to ensure that it complements the fertile cervical mucus and sperm thereby enhancing sexual activity and increasing the chances of conceiving. Preseed imitates the vagina's own natural fluid which helps in maintaining the pH balance of the intimate region. Preseed Fertility Lubricant online in India is also known as a sperm-friendly lubricant that improves sperm motility and helps in its survival which makes it viable and effective for fertilization to occur. Preseed Fertility Lubricant is meant for penile and vaginal application. Preseed can effectively and efficiently moisturizes the intimate area and improve the natural lubrication. The Preseed Fertility Lubricant is essential to make the intimate experience easier and smoother. Since Preseed Lubes are sperm-friendly, it effectively enhance the motility of sperm inside the female genitalia. Besides enhancing fertility, Preseed Fertility Lubricant can be used as a personal lubricant as it is compatible with most of the latex and polyurethane condoms. However, it should not be used along with a synthetic polyisoprene condom. Preseed Fertility Lubricant fertility lubricant can be used in fertility interventions to facilitate enter of diagnostic and therapeutic devices into the vaginal cavity.

Manforce Staylong Gel

Buy Manforce Staylong Gel online to make your special romantic nights continue forever. Time ceases to exist when you make out in an electrifying passion with this time freezing long lasting gel. Manforce Staylong gel in India would pave ways for a greater sexual experience for enjoying each other's physical ecstasy thoroughly. Premature ejaculation or early ejaculation is the leading cause of sexual displeasure. Ejaculating early would leave both you unsatisfied which could turn out to be devastating. Even though climax delay lubricants in India are not a permanent solution for premature ejaculation, it can be quite beneficial for enhancing the ability to control ejaculation. Manforce Staylong gel will have a local anaesthesia the tip of the condom which will spread all over your penis once go to and fro into her. One can now make your eroticism uninterrupted for an unimaginable time which substantially skyrockets the excitement during your lovemaking session. This will make your lovemaking session unprecedented that she has never ever encountered. She will be pleased and he can be the superhero in her appealing eyes. Manforce Staylong Gel in India aid man extend the lovemaking session with the specially formulated lubricant which will let couples explore the pure drops of joy with playmate for unusual hours and increase the pleasure by abrasing her delicate and drenched vaginal wall for a longer time allowing her to fly high. Manforce Staylong Gel online are fabricated predominantly for encountering the electrifying sexual experience and to reach the pinnacle of pleasure during your intercourse. Smear the Manforce Staylong Gel now and make her romp on the romantic evening.

Invigra Delay Spray

Buy Invigra Delay Spray online to score in bed like a real champ with the special long lasting formula of Invigra Delay Spray! With Invigra Delay Spray you go on on for untimely hours in bed which let men set a new record everytime he makes love. Invigra Delay spray consists of uniquely formulated lubricant which helps you slow down the ejaculation and time to reach the climax making both the partners last longer in bed. This Invigra long lasting delay spray will make your night filled with flourish enthusiasm and energy. This Delay Spray is the greatest and best way to satisfy your ladylove and making her go wild and compliment the never-ending lovemaking experience. Invigra Delay Spray in India is specially designed help men who are experiencing premature ejaculation or also for men who want to enjoy the prolonged eroticism. Premature ejaculation could be a real turn off, especially when you are about to have a heavenly time of your life with your lady love. So buy Invigra delay spray that can help men overcome the premature ejaculation and help him last longer in bed than usual. Invigra Delay Spray for Men comes in rescue and helps you impress your better half with a breath-taking performance in bed. So now it’s time to spice up your game. Buy Invigra Delay Spray online with 100% assured privacy. Invigra Delay Spray price is Rs.250 for a 12 g delay spraying can for men. Also, one can have this delay spray delivered at his/her doorstep when he/she buy Invigra Delay Spray in India at shycart a perfect place to buy intimate stuff without compromising the privacy. We assure our customers to deliver it with a completely discreet packing

Skore Cool lubes

Skore Cool lubricant is a personal lubricant made to enjoy the exhilarating eroticism in bed with your playmate. It makes the private part wetter and eases the fun having moment. Buy Skore Cooling Lubricant for chilling and thrilling fun in bed for smooth and pain free sex. Fulfil the sexual appetite in much cooler way that one could ever do. Skore sex gels will reduce the friction between the genitals during penetration and let couples have smooth and scintillating lovemaking session. Skore Cool lubes will give you both the super cooling and chilling sensation every time he go to and fro into her. Skore Cool Lubricating gel will embellish the extra sensational Cooling effect to your indescribable intimacy. Skore Cool personal lubricants are loaded with natural ingredients that increase sensual pleasures and stimulation which make it more exciting. Cooling lube provides a Cooling sensation to the genitals which stimulate the genitals even more effectively. This stimulation results in a higher level of satisfaction and exhilarating orgasms. Skore Cool lubricants are best suited during summer as the Cooling sensation of this Skore sex oil feels heaven in the hot summer. One can try using cool sex gels to experiment with your sensual gameplay. Skore cool lubes online is basically a water-based lubricants meaning it will not stain and can be washed off very easily. Skore cool lubes are manufactured using the skin-friendly and hypoallergenic ingredients making it the best addition to the breathtaking intercourse. Vaginal dryness has always been the predominant cause for pain during sex and lack of sexual pleasure. It can, for sure, adversely affect sex life. Usually, such a condition is a direct result of lack of lubrication. If there is a lack of natural lubrication during intercourse, then there are higher chances of genital irritation and pain. To avoid this, it is often necessary to use a personal lubricant to add an extra layer of lubrication.

Kamasutra Strawberry Flavoured Lube

Kamasutra Strawberry Lubes are strawberry flavoured lubricants that ease the excess friction caused during intercourse. This personal lubricant also provides new sensations and helps in getting rid of excess dryness in vaginal tissues. Penetrations can be a bit tough on the lady parts. But with the effective use of personal lubricant, each penetration can bring immense pleasures and wild temptations. With the use of lubricants, thrusting becomes more comfortable and pleasurable. Kamasutra Strawberry sex oil can also be used to hype up the foreplay and make it more inventive. KS flavoured sex gel are the best sex lube to enhance or boost the sex life and kick out the mundane sexual boredom out of the bed room and it gives couple a refreshing essence of strawberry. Loaded with sweetness, Kamasutra strawberry Flavoured sex gels garnishes oner taste buds with the tangy taste of strawberry. Relax into sensual pleasure with Kamasutra Strawberry flavoured lubricant. This strawberry flavoured lubricant with it intoxicating aroma will make both indulge in sensual lovemaking and gives much needed stimulation. Additionally, the strawberry flavoured personal lubricant are one of the best selling lubes in India because it is not greasy and staining since it is water based lubricant. When the situation becomes more intimate, Kamasutra Strawberry flavoured lubricant can also be used as a personal lubricant. Smear oner sex life with Kamasutra Strawberry Flavoured sex gel to enlighten it. Now one can make oner ever-wanted dream come true with Kamasutra Strawberry Flavoured Lubes and live in oner sex fantasy as she will be completely immersed in the concupiscent strawberry flavoured lubricant. Kamasutra Strawberry Flavoured Lubricant also aids in reducing the friction during vaginal penetration and experience the smooth ride with oner lovebug in bed.

Personal Lubricant Price in India

Personal lubes come with the best prices in India. Lubricant price starts from Rs.250 for a single can of 60ml and different range of price with the best quality of the lubes is available online in India.

  • Durex lubricant gel online price starts from Rs.400 up to Rs.650/-
  • Skore lubes price is Rs. 250/-
  • Kamasutra lubricant price is Rs.250/-
  • Moods natural lubes price is Rs. 260/-
  • K-Y jelly starts from Rs. 286/-
  • Fertility lube price is Rs.3300/-

Risks/ Side effects of using personal lube

100% clinically tested. There are literally no side effects in using all the variety of lubricants. Vaginal irritation is not really a common side effect of over-the-counter lubricants. However, it is not uncommon with the use of over-the-counter yeast preparations.

Frequently asked questions about Lubes

Water based lubricants

Water based lubes are water-soluble and it is most widely used personal lubes. It is the best personal lubricant for dryness. The earlier water based lubricants were made of cellulose ether or glycerine solutions. Water based lubes are by far the most common as they are very easy to clean/wash off. Water-based penis lubricants are available online could also be very gentle and soothing to your skin.

Water based lubes are available online across different brands like Durex lubricant gel, Moods natural lube, KamaSutra lubricant, Skore lube and Carex jelly. You must choose the one that is designed to mimic fertile cervical mucus with lower salt concentration. Water-based lubricants are less likely to irritate sensitive skin, have no taste and feel like natural lubrication so it does not interfere with oral sex or other types of sexual play.

Flavoured Lubes

Flavoured lubricants or personal lubricants can give your love life a great boost. Made from pure water, with fruity flavours and being edible makes this a perfect choice for oral sex. Pure water base formula – Pure water based lubricant is the sort of lube that is produced for people who have sensitive skin. Softness and gentleness make up its best qualities.

Fruit flavour and scent – Much flavoured lube taste and smell like natural fruits. There are a different variety of flavour options including strawberry that most couples love. The sweetened and fruitful Flavoured lubes contain calories-free sucralose. Flavoured lubricants are widely available in different varieties such as Aloe, Cherry, Strawberry, Ice-Mint and Ylang Ylang!

Fertility Lubricants - Sperm Friendly Lubes

Fertility lubricants do not have a bitter taste after use. It is sugarless because sugar content, dyes or glycerine are bad when added to lubes as they may encourage yeast infections and cause stubborn stains. Fertility lubes are designed to mimic fertile cervical mucus with lower salt concentration which helps in conception.

Oil-based Lubricant

If you are looking for a personal lubricants gel that is long-lasting with a luxurious and silky feel, then oil based lubricants would be the perfect choice for you. Some people find that they prefer the sensation of oil and oil based lube for massage. If you think about using an oil-based lubricant, there are a couple of things you need to keep in mind.

Commonly, the oil based lube contains Vaseline and vitamin E oil. So, they are not safe to use with latex condoms as they can make the latex porous, or even cause it to rip and tear. Hence oil based lubes are not condom compatible. Another thing to consider is that oil based lubricant can also be hard to wash off of the toys and skin. They are also very messy and difficult to clean because of their thick viscous texture. So you should be prepared to do some extra clean-up afterwards.

These personal lubricants can also be considered for hand jobs. They might, therefore, be more appealing to people in monogamous relationships who don't use condoms or other latex contraceptives

Personal lubricant brands in India

Different brands of lubricants are available online in India like Moods lubricants, Durex play lubricants, Skore lubes, Kamasutra and Ky jelly.

Moods lubricants

Moods lube is the premium brand of HLL Life Care Limited. They are made at HLL life care’s cutting edge assembling plant. Intended to fulfil novel needs, they are accessible in an extensive variety of variations. States of mind are for those times when you don't simply express your craving yet demonstrate that your mind by giving delight that is genuinely fulfilling. The position of mind as the brand is about sexual certainty acquiring an energizing closeness with you accomplice. It goes about as an impetus to reinforce connections between couples.

Durex lubricants

Durex lubricants are available in three different varieties such as body and latex condom friendly. These lubes are infused with Aloe Vera or Guarana, or ylang-ylang. Durex lubricant gel is easy to wash off, so when you’re done why not suggest a shower together! Also, they won’t cause problems with the sheets when playtime’s over because it easily washes off.

Kamasutra lubricants

Kamasutra's Luxury sensual Water based personal lubricants are designed to provide unlimited pleasure. Silky and never sticky, each massage lubricant is formulated to provide the utmost in sensual comfort and sustainability. Our selection of luxury personal lubes includes our ever-popular Love Liquid formulas as our Divine Nectars collection of flavoured lubes online

KY Jelly

KY jelly personal lubricant has been rated as one of the best ever since its arrival. The Food and Drug Administration of the USA has found that K-Y Jelly is as effective as advertised. And gynaecologists frequently recommend the brand as a safe short-term treatment for vaginal dryness and discomfort during intercourse.

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