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Vaginal dilators are primarily tube-shaped devices and tools of graduated widths used to develop or restore the vaginal opening. This medical-grade vaginal dilator kit is the most ideal method to treat vaginismus and other similar conditions and a dilator kit has multi-sized graduated dilators, a universal handle, lubricant and care instructions all within a soft unbleached cotton pouch. The vaginal dilator set comes to you with different sizes of small, medium and large kits touchable yet easy-to-clean medical-grade plastic. It is of an ergonomically shaped solid handle with a lock. Women generally find that dilators (used with sexual lubricants) keep their vaginal tissues elastic and comfortable. Typically dilators that come as a set, along with instructions for exercises, gradually, gently, and smoothly stretch the vaginal opening and the vaginal depth to comfortably accept sexual penetration. There are numerous conditions and reasons that call for the use of vaginal dilators: vaginal atrophy, post-radiation adhesions, and vaginismus to name a few. But you can also use dilators simply to maintain your vaginal tissues. Older vaginas remain very strong and smooth only with use, and dilators are a great tool for keeping the vaginal tissues elastic and extremely comfortable.

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I would like to express my great thanks for this amazing product. I had vaginismus for 5 years and I feared the painful sex. Then my husband searched the solution to this problem on google. After a long time, my husband found this kit on shycart and bought this product immediately. Then I have worked out for 1 month. In the beginning, I haven’t been able to insert the kit due to heavy pain then I followed the step by step instructions when I felt little easy to exercise. I have overcame my problem and now I can enjoy healthy sex life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I would like to recommend this product to all females who are facing this problem. Thanks a lot to shycart!!!!!
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