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Buy Skore Condoms Online - 9 condom types - 7 condom flavours

Skore Banana Flavoured Condoms - Coloured and 1500 Raised Dots 10s Pack

( 11 )

224 pieces sold

Skore Chocolate Flavoured Condoms - Coloured and 1500 Raised Dots 10s Pack

( 76 )

1402 pieces sold

Skore Orange Flavoured and Coloured Condoms - 1500 Raised Dots 10s Pack

( 21 )

243 pieces sold

Skore Strawberry Flavoured Condoms - Coloured and 1500 Raised Dots 10s Pack

( 35 )

665 pieces sold

Skore Blues Condoms - Coloured and Extra Lubrication Condoms 10s Pack

80 60
( 58 )

1462 pieces sold

Skore Shades Condoms - 8 Colours with 1500 Raised Dots 10s Pack

( 16 )

388 pieces sold

Skore Not Out Climax Delay Condoms - 1500 Raised Dots 10s Pack

( 165 )

4418 pieces sold

Skore Cool Condoms - Cooling Lubricant and watermelon Flavoured - Dotted Condoms...

( 33 )

853 pieces sold

Flavored condoms combo of 3

360 340
( 1 )

57 pieces sold

Skore condoms flavored combo of 3

260 250
( 10 )

206 pieces sold

Skore Raised Dots and Extra Lubrication Condoms 10s Pack

( 38 )

728 pieces sold

Skore dotted combo-3

240 230
( 6 )

148 pieces sold

Skore Cherry Flavoured Condoms - Coloured and 1500 Raised Dots 10s Pack

( 4 )

254 pieces sold

Skore assorted condoms

398 390
( 6 )

47 pieces sold

Skore Skin Thin Condoms - Thinnest Condoms 10s Pack

( 32 )

694 pieces sold

Skore Zig Zag Textured Condoms - Dotted and Ribbed Condoms 10s Pack

( 25 )

526 pieces sold

Skore Timeless Climax Delay Condoms - Zig Zag Textured Condoms 10s Pack

( 42 )

1099 pieces sold

Skore All Flavour condoms Combo

650 630
( 5 )

81 pieces sold

Skore Flavoured Condoms Combo A Pack Of 10 Each

580 565
( 1 )

23 pieces sold

Skore Strawberry and Cherry Flavoured condoms

155 180
( 2 )

21 pieces sold

Strawberry Flavored Condoms Combo 10's in Each Box

170 160
( 1 )

9 pieces sold

Skore Colored and Dots Condoms combo

170 160
( 3 )

29 pieces sold

Skore Zig Zag and Manforce Orange Condoms

200 190
( 1 )

27 pieces sold

Skore Condoms Combo

499 470
( 1 )

22 pieces sold

Skore Orange and Cherry Flavored Condoms Combo

170 160
( 3 )

22 pieces sold

Skore Banana and Cherry Flavored Condoms Combo

180 170
( 1 )

14 pieces sold

Skore Cherry and Chocolate Condoms Combo

170 160
( 8 )

43 pieces sold

Skore Warm Sensation Lubes - 50ml - Skin Friendly Water Based Lubricant

( 10 )

188 pieces sold

Skore Strawberry Flavoured Lubes - 50ml - Skin Friendly Water Based Lubricant

( 6 )

80 pieces sold

Skore Cool Lubes - 50ml - Skin Friendly Water Based Lubricant

( 17 )

342 pieces sold

Skore Cherry Flavoured Lubes - 50ml - Skin Friendly Water Based Lubricant

( 6 )

135 pieces sold

Climax Delay Condoms Combo Pack of 2

250 245
( 3 )

26 pieces sold

Skore zig zag and Moods silver joyride

450 410
( 1 )

1 pieces sold

Skore coloured and dotted condoms combo

370 350
( 1 )

3 pieces sold

Skore raised dots and Durex strawberry lube

665 650
( 1 )

5 pieces sold

Skore OH Pleasure Gel for Women - 8 ml

( 4 )

80 pieces sold

Skore Not Out - Moods Ultrathin Condoms and Staylong gel Combo pack

( 1 )

9 pieces sold

Dotted and Extra time condoms - Flavoured lubes Combo Pack

570 420
( 1 )

2 pieces sold

All you need to know about Skore condoms and Lubricants

Skore Condoms - Who are they?

Skore condoms, after its introduction in November 2012 has raced to be the 3rd largest condom manufacturer brand, with Manforce Condoms and Moods Condoms just ahead of them, in terms of sales, in the Indian commercial market for condoms, as per the statistics shared by Nielsen Corporation. One of the important reasons why people buy Skore condoms online is, due to the high-quality competitive pricing of skore condoms.

Refreshing and Unique Skore:

Skore Condoms has always been the trophy of the condom manufacturers TTK, who is an Indian business conglomerate with a presence across several segments of the industry including consumer bio-medical devices, durables, pharmaceuticals and supplements, maps and atlases, consular visa services, health care services and virtual assistant services.

With a unique style, cool condoms and Lubricants, Skore Condoms was quickly popular among the couples to buy skore condoms online and risen to become one of the top 5 condoms in India. Though it's a refreshing brand, it had made itself to be in accordance with the ever-changing socio-cultural trend in India, with its focused awareness and mindfulness on a safe and healthy relationship among the young.

Product Range of Skore

Skore Condoms are specially designed for Young Couples. The exciting range of products comprising of coloured condoms, cooling condoms and Lubes, extra lubricated condoms, flavoured condoms and lubes, dotted condoms, ribbed condoms, thin condoms, warm lubes and climax delay condoms, Skore Condoms had made the practice of safe sex not just effortlessly possible, but effectively charming as well. If you intend to score in bed, you can always buy skore condoms online from shycart with 100% privacy.

T20 Champions bats for the Condom Champions

Skore Condoms has now made themselves associated with the renowned West Indies cricketers, Chris Gayle and Dwayne Bravo, on promoting their recently launched product range called Skore Champions and thus not only making India score but also west indies score. The new advanced range of Champion Series condoms offers multi-textured, skin-thin and climax delay condoms. With the two-time Cricket ICC World Twenty20 Champions batting for Skore Champions, you too can score just like the Champions Chris Gayle and Dwayne Bravo. Buy skore condoms online in India at Shycart with privacy and be a champion.

Skore Condoms and Sex Lubricants offers:

Skore condoms are available in almost all combination. There are different kinds of condoms and lubes offered by Skore

  • 1. Regular Condoms - Skore Easy and Skore Champion Skin Thin Condoms
  • 2. Extra Lubricated Condoms - Skore Raised Dots and Skore Blue Condoms
  • 3. Anatomically Shaped Condoms - Skore Easy, Skore Champion Time Less and Skore Champion Zig Zag Condoms
  • 4. Climax Delay Condoms - Skore Champion Time Less and Skore Cool Condoms
  • 5. Coloured Condoms - Skore Banana, Skore Blues, Skore Cherry, Skore Chocolate, Skore Cool, Skore Orange, Skore Pina Colada, Skore Shades, Skore Strawberry and Skore Zig Zag condoms.
  • 6. Flavoured Condoms - Skore Banana, Skore Cherry, Skore Chocolate, Skore Ice-Mint, Skore Orange, Skore Pina Colada and Skore Strawberry.
  • 7. Dotted Condoms - Skore Banana, Skore Cherry, Skore Chocolate, Skore Ice-Mint, Skore Orange, Skore Pina Colada and Skore Strawberry, Skore timeless and Skore Zig Zag Condoms.
  • 8. Ribbed Condoms - Skore Champion Zig Zag and Skore Champion Time Less Climax Delay Condoms.
  • 9. With Disposable Pouches - Skore Easy, Skore Champion Skin Thin, Skore Champion Zig Zag and Skore Champion Time Less Climax Delay Condoms.
  • 10 Skore Sex Oil - Skore Warm, Skore Cool and Skore Flavoured Lubes.

Skore Condoms Sizes

Skore condoms sizes are of a single standard sizing. Which is 180 mm in length and 53mm width, with 2mm elasticity.

Skore condom price

The Skore condom price starts from Rs.60 to Rs.120 for a pack of 10 Skore condoms.

About TTK Group:

The TTK Group is one among the top 10 condom manufacturers in India. It was started in 1928 by T. T. Krishnamachari, brags a remarkable and invigorating trend towards the marketing concepts and techniques. While the condom manufacturer started as an indenting agency (an agent of a company located in another country) for household brands.

By 1940, the condom manufacturer had accomplished more than a decade of tremendous growth and started offering a new breed of products including Pressure Cookers & Condoms. They also have joint ventures with global corporations such as SSL International (the condom manufacturers of Durex condoms) and Dr Scholl's foot care products.

It would only be apt to say that TTK had spearheaded the Nirodh (condom in Hindi nirodh meaning) revolution in India - from establishing India's first manufacturing plant in 1963 to installing the country's first electronic testing facility to introducing India's first non-subsidised Nirodh (condom in Hindi nirodh meaning) in 1974. TTK, the prestigious condom manufacturer in India is also the proud owner of the prestige brand - prestige cooker, prestige smart kitchen, ttk prestige and ttk healthcare etc

Before Skore

The 1960s was not precisely the time when society thought much about contraception or populace. It may be hard to take in but that's absolutely the time when TTK Protective Devices Limited (formerly TTK – LIG) had entered the Indian Nirodh (condom in Hindi nirodh meaning) market. TTK PDL, the trailblazers of condom production and marketing in the whole of India, has been in condom manufacturing business since the 1950s and has pioneered various developments, which had resulted in a giant leap in the condom technology, in the industry.

They were the first to build a manufacturing plant and to build an electronic testing facility just to produce the best condoms in India. They achieved this in 1963. They also were the first to launch the country’s 1st non-subsidised condom in 1974 and to introduce variants in condoms and pleasure increasing accessories.

In November of 2012, the manufacturer of Durex condoms (Reckitt-Benckiser) had sold their entire stake in the Indian venture TTK-LIG — who had owned the marketing rights for Kohinoor Condoms and Durex Condom, here in India — back to Chennai-based TTK after the two companies failed to reconcile their dispute. As a matter of course, TTK lost the rights to Kohinoor which was rolled out in 1979, and to Durex as well, which was launched in India in 1997.

It was highly distressing and disheartening for TTK to renounce a brand which had been raised and cherished by them, since their launch in the late 70s. Nonetheless, in just shy of four years, the setback has transformed into bliss through the launch of the brand, which grew to become the trophy brand of TTK Group, Skore.

Now, TTK PDL has grown themselves to a capacity of producing around two hundred crores i.e. 200,00,00,000 condoms per year. They also export over 100 crore condoms every year to almost all the European and American countries. And thus, it would only be apt to say that TTK PDL is one of the largest manufacturers of condoms in the whole World.

In the process of becoming one of the largest condom manufacturers of the world, they also managed to win many prestigious awards. A few of which, worth mentioning are,

  • 1. JIPM's Award for TPM Excellence
  • 2. CII's Award for the Excellent Water efficient Unit
  • 3. National Award for Leadership Excellence in Safety Health and Environment
  • 4. Best Exporters Award from CAPEXIL.

Skore India Score

After its debut in 2012, Skore Condoms - nirodh (condom in Hindi Niro Dh meaning) has not only turned out to be a competitor of Durex Condoms and Kohinoor Condoms — but has become bigger than the combined strength of both Durex and Kohinoor brands and hence becoming one among the top condom manufacturer in India and thus Skore India scored. Skore Condoms also has outdone biggies such as Kamasutra Condoms to arise as the third largest condoms brand in India.

From an Rs 40-crore brand in 2013 Skore went on to become an Rs 70-crore brand in just two years. They had sold 68 million units of condoms in 2013, which grew to be 109 million in 2015 and they did this while offering the cheapest condoms available in the market! Skore just scores with that. Right from the 1960s, TTK was way ahead in competition in terms of manufacturing top quality condoms and it has now become the face value for Skore Condoms as well. To score with Skore Condoms, buy skore condoms online on Shycart with privacy.

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