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Skore Chocolate Flavoured Condoms - Coloured and 1500 Raised Dots 10s Pack

Skore Chocolate Flavoured Condoms - Coloured and 1500 Raised Dots 10s Pack

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Buy Skore condoms online and give in to the Chocolate Flavoured condoms which is also an combination of a Dotted Condom and a Coloured condom. One absolutely can't resist a ever delicious chocolate and such is the case with Skore Chocolate condoms. The dotted texture and the hot choco colour will include the ideal insight of sweetness to a wild night. Buy Skore Chocolate condoms online & get to experience how delicious will a chocolate condom taste.

Skore Chocolate Flavoured condom:-

Skore flaunts in offering one of the best condoms in India. One can't simply refuse a delightful chocolate's satisfaction, exclusively when it is Skore Chocolate Flavoured condom. The dotted texture and cocoa colours embellish the perfect tinge of sweetness to an erotic night. Skore Chocolate Flavoured condoms are specially manufactured to taste and smell just exactly like freshly enticing cocoa for seduction and added pleasure. These condoms are dotted which is the secret of additional amusement. These condoms are latex odour free and tested electronically to make sure that the Skore flavoured condoms are dermatologically free. These condoms aid in birth control, thwart pregnancy and HIV or Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD).

Just alike every flavoured condom, these are fabricated for oral sex and if your girl's favourite flavour is Chocolate, then never miss this bad boy out. Like always, skore amuses us further with cool new features. The dotted texture and cocoa colours, yes it is coloured as well, which will make your girl go nuts. A Women can never refuse a chocolate or chocolate flavour just like and so is his penis when he gives it to her with chocolate flavorued condoms as it accords the delightful chocolate's satisfaction, Buy Skore Chocolate Flavoured lube online in India to have an exploding orgasms. The cocoa colours embellish the perfect tinge of sweetness and colour to an erotic night. Skore Chocolate Flavoured condoms are specially manufactured to taste and smell just exactly like freshly enticing cocoa. These chocolate condoms are made from the natural ingredients which is the secret of added amusement. Are you scared of privacy? Don't worry shycart deals a perfect way packing them and make a perfect delivery with privacy. Shy is old fashion so it's time to fly high with Skore Chocolate Flavoured condoms in your bed.

Skore Chocolate Flavoured condom – Product Information:

Texture Dotted
Made of Non-Allergic Latex
Colour Coloured
Lubrication Lubricated
Shape Straight Walled & Teat ended
Sizes Standard sizes
Size Dimensions  
Length 180 mm
Width 53 ±2 mm

Skore Chocolate Flavoured Condoms - Audio:

Audio Description for Skore Chocolate Flavoured condoms.

Features of Skore Chocolate flavoured condom

  • Chocolate flavoured
  • Made of latex
  • Dotted
  • Coloured and Flavoured

Catch up the latest Skore flavoured condoms online here at shycart with 100% privacy and go for the Skore Chocolate Flavoured condoms which are among the flavoured condoms from Skore, who never fails to offer immense varieties of condoms. The chocolate flavoured condom fabricated as a dotted condom which will give you unprecedented experience in bed. So just don't wait, buy skore flavoured condoms online on shycart, where careful packaging and absolute privacy are guaranteed. An single pack will let you have not a couple of condoms but 10 pieces so that you will never be running out of them. Enjoy yourself with the best men condoms and latest condoms in the market. Score with Skore Chocolate flavoured condoms. Buy Skore chocolate condoms online today!

What are flavoured condoms?

Skore Chocolate Flavoured condoms are manufactured to enjoy a mouth-watering cocoa flavour that will appease and fulfil your excitement. Still waiting for an enriched climax to happen, when you can use the flavoured condoms to kindle your burning desire? The art of lovemaking has encountered major revolutions every decade and so did the condom! These days everybody is craving to get condoms that taste and smell like Apple, Banana, Butterscotch, Cherry, Chocolate, Jasmine, Orange, Pineacoloda, Strawberry, Vanilla and to name a few. And there are high possibilities that you have already used all the traditional condoms, that undeniably make your experience even more dynamic.

The condom companies have constantly been reviving to make your special moments very enticing. Flavoured condoms are manufactured to come out in colours that complement the flavour. For instance, Chocolate comes in Dark Brown, whereas Pineacoloda in the pale yellow. So if you are looking forward to try something different and tasty treat to spice up your sexual experience then flavoured condoms are the best for you!

Why condoms are flavoured?

Nobody would be wanting to experience the unpleasant latex odour in the condoms, which may completely turn you off. To make your special occasion's very enticing and eventful then you must have Skore Chocolate flavoured condoms which intensify the act of lovemaking. These condoms are made out of non-allegeric latex materials.

What is the use/purpose of flavoured condoms?

Being turned off of using the same old rubber latex. And we have the perfect solution for you. Yeah! It's time to update yourself to the flavoured condoms which will combust your erotic experience with your partner. Catch up the latest flavoured condoms online in India with an extensive choice to choose from shycart.

Why one should buy Chocolate Flavoured condoms?

Skore Chocolate Flavoured Condoms with raised dots surprises you with its protruding dots on the outer surface of the condoms and assure a pleasurable play time with your partner! With its edible formula, these Chocolate flavoured Condoms with raised dots will give you pleasures to encounter an exploding orgasms. Since every woman likes the chocolate flavour due to its sweetness, Skore Chocolate flavoured Condoms online in India is one of the best gift for women. In addition to the flavour, the Skore Condoms with raised dots will help men to satisfy his women to the fullest! Skore Chocolate Flavoured condom - Dotted & Coloured comfort you and let you both to cherish the exotic experience with your lobster. So, make yourself obsessed with the Sweet and exhilarating Chocolate essence of the skore flavoured condoms which brings a tasty treat to your act of intimacy

Skore Chocolate Flavoured Condom Reviews:-

“Skore Flavored condom review” basically means Skore chocolate flavoured condom reviews, and reviews are as follows. Totally we encountered a purchase from more than 500 customers and almost everyone rated it with 5 stars with some positive comments about the product. One of our customers wrote, “Nice smell. Privacy maintained. Overall good....awesome!” Another customer said “Fabulous Delivery timing and service.” Buy Skore chocolate flavoured condoms online at best price! 

Skore Chocolate Flavoured Condom - Video

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