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There is no better feeling than the movement of life within you. What more a woman will expect other than healthy food and a comfortable outfit. Pregnancy is not only life-changing but also size-changing experience, during which you need to replace every piece of clothing. A wide variety of maternity clothes like maternity panties, tops, tees, bottoms, activewear, swimwear, bras are available online.

Why pregnancy panties?

A pregnant woman gathers the vast most of the weight in her mid-region of the body. Comfortable innerwear, that must neither squeeze and nor too loose on your skin is very important during the mid and post trimester. Picking up a larger size does not help the situation because of increasing weight and growing bump. Maternity panties or Pregnancy panties are a great choice during the pregnancy period that gives you a cosy, warm and a safe on skin feeling.

How different are pregnancy panties?

Maternity underwear is stretchable according to your increasing belly every month. Keeping the pregnancy in mind, very good abdominal support is provided by maternity panties. Maternity Panties wrap over your waist after you put it on and secures your abdomen. Material of the pregnancy panties online in India is very soft and delicate so that it doesn't impart too much pressure on the belly. Maternity Panties should be either above the bump - high waisted and covers your bump - best for bigger bumps providing bedding support or low cut that stays below your bump, advisable during summer.

When to wear Maternity Panties?

To accommodate your expanding midriff, it is better to start trying it from the 4th month of your pregnancy onward. According to your healthy weight gained during the motherhood, it is sensible to buy pregnancy panties. These maternity panties are made up of cotton and spandex, lightweight, flexible, durable and easy to wash. Maternity panties can be used as a normal underpants post-pregnancy. Also, Maternity Panties protects the privacy of expecting mothers.

Benefits of Maternity Panties

  • With an inflating belly, this panties assures great comfort.
  • Makes you look good and convenient in your everyday dressing.
  • Super soft and premium quality cotton fabrics support your abdomen and pelvic muscles.
  • Stretches easily according to your expanding middle portion and butt.
  • Can be used as a regular underpants post-pregnancy until you reach your normal shape.
  • This apparel lets you move around easily and are smooth and invisible under any clothes.
  • With a light colour material discharge of fluids can be easily noticed.
  • Can be bought at an affordable price.
  • Easy to wash and durable.
  • With perfect underwear, you may feel like having your life together.

Pregnancy panties price in India

Pregnancy panties online price is Rs.320 for a pack of 2 pieces. Buy pregnancy panties online in India with 100% privacy.

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