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Skore Banana Flavoured Condoms - Coloured and 1500 Raised Dots 10s Pack

Skore Banana Flavoured Condoms - Coloured and 1500 Raised Dots 10s Pack

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Buy Skore condoms online here at shycart in privacy and go for the Skore Banana Flavoured condoms which is one of the condoms from Skore, who offers various types of condoms. This banana condom happens to be dotted condom as well. So, go ahead and buy skore condoms online in shycart, where discreet packaging and 100% privacy are guaranteed and score with skore banana flavoured condoms.

About Skore Banana Flavoured condom

Skore Banana Flavoured condoms are specially designed for desired flavours and extra pleasure. These condoms contain a specially raised dots that's the secret of extra pleasure. These condoms are dermatologically free which are tested electronically. These condoms are being used both as a method of birth control, protective measure against pregnancy and HIV or Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD). Skore Banana Flavoured condoms which will taste and smell exactly like a banana. Just like all flavoured condoms, this has also been desinged for oral sex and if your girl's favourite is banana, then don't miss this bad boy out. As always, skore excites us further with cool additional features. The dotted texture and cool colours, yes it is coloured as well, which will make you and your girl go nuts. So, don’t think about it, this banana condom will be your favourite one and just don't feel shy to experience once. So just go ahead and buy skore condoms in online at shycart where absolute privacy is guaranteed.

Skore Banana Flavoured condom – Product Information:

Texture               : Plain
Material              : Non-Allergic Latex
Colour                  : Yellow Coloured
Lubrication         : Lubricated
Shape                   : Straight Walled & Teat ended
Size                      : Length 180 mm | Width 53 ±2 mm (Standard size)

Features of Skore Banana flavoured condom

  • Banana flavoured.
  • Pleasurable Fit.
  • Naturally Soft.
  • Coloured and Flavoured.

Check out Skore condoms online here at shycart with pre-assured privacy and go for the Skore Banana Flavoured condoms which is one of the flavoured condoms from Skore, who offers immense varieties of condoms. This banana condom designed to be a dotted condom which will give you unprecedented pleasure. So, just go ahead and buy skore condoms online on shycart, where discreet packaging and 100% privacy are guaranteed. A 80.Rs. pack contains not a couple of condoms but 10 pieces so that you will never be running out of them. Enjoy yourself with the best men condoms and latest condoms in the market. Score with Skore banana flavoured condoms.

What are flavoured condoms?

Skore Banana Flavoured condoms are fabricated to give a banana flavour that will satisfy and fullfil your excitement. Why do you have wait for augmented climax to happen, when you can use the flavoured condoms to kindle your burning desire.

The art of love making has encountered major transformations every decade and so did the condom! Nowadays everybody is craving to buy condoms that tastes and smells like Apple, Banana, Butterscotch, Cherry, Chocolate, Jasmine, Orange, Pineacoloda, Strawberry, Vanilla and to name a few. And there are high possiblities that you have already used all the traditional condoms,that undeniably make your experience even more dynamic.

The condom companies has consistently been reinventing themselves to make your special moments very enticing. Flavored condoms are designed to come out in colors which complements the flavor. For instance, strawberry comes is red, whereas banana in the yellow. So if you are looking forward to try something new and tasty treat to jazz up your sexual experience then flavoured condoms are the best for you!

Why condoms are flavoured?

Nobody would be wanting to smell the latex odour in the condoms which may completely turn you off. To make your special moment's even enticing and eventful then go for flavoured condoms which intensifies the act of lovemaking with some erotically desired flavours. These condoms are made from non-allegeric latex materials.

What is the use/purpose of flavoured condoms?

Found yourself bored of using the same old rubber latex condoms. And we have the perfect solution for you. Yeah! It's time to tune yourself to the flavoured condoms which will kindle your erotic experience with your partner. Check out the latest flavoured condoms online with an extensive choice to choose from shycart.

Reviews of Skore Banana Flavoured Condoms

“Skore Banana Flavored condom review” basically means Skore banana flavored condom reviews, and review are as follows. Totally we encountered a purchase from more than 100 customers and rated it 5 stars and with some positive comments about the product. One of the customers wrote, “It feels so good...flavour is so natural……awesome!” Another customer said “Just wow, Mindblown!” For more reviews, please visit

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