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Pre-seed fertility friendly lubricant - 99% success rate

Pre-seed fertility friendly lubricant - 99% success rate

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Buy Preseed Lubricants Online in India

Are you trying to conceive a baby/want to get pregnant? Pre-seed is a sperm fertility friendly lubricant that helps women who are trying to conceive a baby. Pre seed fertility lubricant is 100% non-spermicidal which is the key factor and it is most preferred by most couples when they are in the making of a baby. It is also compatible with polyurethane and latex condoms. Check out pre seed reviews, how to use preseed and order one online.

How does Preseed lubricant India help to conceive a baby?

To conceive a baby, it is necessary for the sperm to swim swiftly and reach the eggs during the ovulation period. This is made possible by the secretion of certain fluids that acts as a lubricant that helps sperm to reach the egg through the cervix. Pre-seed lubricant mimics this fluid and helps in increasing the motility of sperm. Also, Preseed Fertility lube is 100% sperm-friendly. Preseed lube is an internal application that mimics natural secretion. Buy Preseed fertility lubricant online today!

Preseed lubricant is skin friendly personal lubricant that serves a wide variety of purposes. When preseed fertility lubricant is used, the natural feel enhances the ease and comfort during intercourse. You can buy pre seed lubricant online. We provide very clear instructions on 'how to use preseed', 'when to use preseed' which is helpful for anyone who wants to use preseed. You can also check preseed lubricant reviews from customers which is helpful for first-time buyers. With all the clear usage instructions preseed lubricant is useful for women trying to conceive a baby by enhancing their comfort in a safe and effective way. Buy pre seed online at best price on shycart and use it during your fertile days. This fertility lubricant is specially designed to aid the movement of sperm in successfully reaching the egg without interfering with the quality of the sperm. Preseed is safe, and affordable and above all, it increases the chances of conception.


Buy Preseed lube online - Best fertility-friendly lubricant in India

If you are looking for a sperm-friendly fertility lube to conceive a baby, preseed is the no 1 fertility-friendly lubricant in India developed by doctors and used by fertility clinics. The clinically tested formula helps support sperm quality and is the best personal lubricant to use when trying to conceive. Women can use preseed lube anytime to supplement lubrication and moisture during intercourse. Buy preseed lubricant online and read the instructions carefully before using the product. You can apply preseed with the applicator provided or with your fingers 15 mins before intercourse so that there will be enough time for the lubricant to disperse throughout the vagina and offer more spontaneity. Using pre-seed fertility-friendly lubricant, most couples feel safe and confident that they are using the right lube for conception. Use preseed lubricant during your fertile days to increase the chances of pregnancy. With few trial and errors, you will get to know the right amount of preseed lube that works best for you. 

Benefits of using Pre seed Fertility Lubricant in India

1. The lubrication feels natural rather than artificial.

2. Relieves friction and enhances intimacy 

3. Non-sticky and does not stain.

4. Skin-friendly and does not cause any irritation.

5. Glycerine free

6. pH-balanced and isotonic

7. Supports overall sperm quality

8. Can be applied to vaginal or penile tissues to provide enough moisturization during intercourse.

9. Compatible with regular latex and polyurethane condoms


PreSeed Fertility Lubricant - Audio

Audio Description for Pre-Seed Fertility Lubricant.

Who can use Pre Seed Fertility Lubricant?

The uses of this Preseed lubricant in India are not just limited to fertility aid. It also acts as a personal lubricant that can serve a wide range of purposes. This sperm-friendly lubricant can be used by:

  • Women who have vaginal dryness.
  • Couples who are trying to conceive.
  • Women who expect more comfort during intercourse.
  • Breastfeeding women.
  • Women who have undergone cancer treatment
  • Women who feel acute pelvic pain during intercourse
  • Women suffering from vulvodynia

When to use pressed

1. Use preseed lubricant during your fertile days to increase the chances of pregnancy. On other days you can use water-based lubricant or you can use preseed all the month.

2. Some couples use preseed during foreplay.

3. Fertility friendly personal lubricant for penile and/or vaginal application.

4. Does not interfere with sperm function and does not limit sperm motility


Is this fertility lubricant safe to use?

Yes, it is pretty much safe to use. Preseed’s ingredients are prepared such that it matches the vaginal fertile fluids. It is isotonic and pH balanced which is exactly the same property of vaginal fluids. Similarly, the pH, ion concentration and consistency everything matches perfectly with vaginal mucus making it safe for usage.

How to use Preseed fertility lubricant?

Preseed lubricant in India can be used in two ways. One way is through intra-vaginal wherein an applicator has to be used to take out a desired amount of lube. Once the lube is extracted, it can be applied internally inside the female genitalia. Alternately, pre-seed lube can be used externally as well where it has to be applied over the female genitalia. It is advised to apply it at least 1 hour before engaging in sexual intercourse.

The following are step by step instructions for using the lube internally:

1. Twist the applicator after attaching it to the preseed’s tube.  

2. Squeeze it in order to get the desired amount of the gel in the applicator.

3. The applicator should be kept upright. 

4. The applicator should be inserted deep into the vagina.

5. Slowly push the plunger of the applicator by holding the barrel to release the lubricant into the vagina.

Pre-Seed should not be kept in the applicator for longer than 30 minutes before use. Once the fertility lubricant is drawn into the applicator but not used until the next 30 mins, or if there is some lubricant left after use and not used, discard it and throw the applicator. Do not reuse the pre-seed applicators. 

How often and how much should Preseed lube be used?

It can be used frequently during sexual intercourse to avoid discomfort or genital dryness and bring in the natural feeling of lubrication. You can initially start with just 1 gram of this lubricant and increase it gradually as per your convenience. Buy pressed online and read the instructions before using. With a few trails you can find the best quantity that works right for you.

When is the best time to use Pre seed lubricant to conceiving a baby?

Although it can be used anytime during intercourse, it is advisable to use it during the ovulation period. During this period, the possibility of sperm reaching the ovum is higher. Therefore using this fertility lube during this period would increase your chances of conceiving.  So far, Pre-seed Fertility Friendly Lubricant has had a high success rate of more than 85% which makes it worth a try!

Preseed Lubricant success rate

The preseed success rate is 99% in India. This is the best lubricant for couples planning for pregnancy as many women have increased their chances pregnancy by using this safe lubricant. Check out our customer reviews and ratings of Pre-Seed personal lubricants.

How to apply preseed without using an applicator? 

If there is still some Pre-Seed in the tube and if you want to apply without an applicator, use your fingers to apply it to your partner or to yourself as an external lubricant. 

How does preseed help to get pregnant?

If you are wondering how preseed helps to get pregnant, here is everything you need to know. For women who are trying to conceive, using the right fertility lubricant plays a major role. The regular lubricants available in the market can be toxic to sperm and are not advised to use while trying to conceive.  Also for women experiencing vaginal dryness, it can cause discomfort during intercourse. Pre seed is safe for use by couples trying to conceive. It is specially designed to supplement natural lubrication and provide a sperm friendly environment. Read the instructions, use the applicator and apply the right amount that suits for you either during foreplay or atleast 15 mins prior to intercourse.




Recent research by NCB, NLM, NIH, US

The National Center for Biotechnology Information, United States conducted research on the impact of various fertility friendly lubricants over the function of sperms. They concluded Pre-seed® to be the best lubricant to have very less effect on the negative end on the functioning of sperm citing the higher sperm motility and vitality.

You should definitely give this personal lubricant a try! Buy the Fertility friendly lubricant now with assured privacy and discretion in packaging and delivery!

Pre seed lubricant price in India

Pre-seed fertility lubricant price is Rs.3100 for a single pack. You can buy pressed lubricant online on shycart with 100% privacy.

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Preseed fertility friendly lubricant - Infographic

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Preseed fertility friendly lubricant - Infographic

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