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Durex Extra Time Condoms - 0.070 mm thin - Long Lasting Pleasure - Regular Size 10 Condoms

Durex Extra Time Condoms - 0.070 mm thin - Long Lasting Pleasure - Regular Size 10 Condoms

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Durex Extra Time Condoms are specially designed for climax delay. These condoms contain a special climax control lubricants. This is called Benzocaine, which helps men to delay climax. 100% dermatologically and electronically tested. These condoms have been used both as a method of birth control and as a protective measure against pregnancy and HIV or Sexually Transmitted Infections.

Durex Extra Time condom:

Durex Extra Time condoms are different from the usual Benzocaine condoms. The Benzocaine is present as a small pellet at the tip of the condom.

During intercourse, the pellet melts slowly. This allows the benzocaine content coming to slightly numb the tip of the male genitalia while the rest of it stays quite sensitive. In other brands, unlike these extra time condoms, benzocaine is present in the inner lubricant and so it numbs the entire part.

The beauty with Durex long lasting condoms is that while it gets numbed slowly, it can be felt during the intercourse a lot better as compared to other condoms, which numbs completely and make it completely less sensitive. These condoms for extra time pleasure are definitely worth a try. Buy Durex Extra Time condoms online today!

Durex Extra Time Condoms – Product Information

Description Extra Time and More Pleasure
Material Non-Allergic natural rubber latex
Colour Transparent
Texture Plain
Thickness 0.070 mm
Shape Straight walled shape
Lubrication Benzocaine Lubricated (Special climax control lubricant)
Condom Size Length 180 mm (min) & Width: 53 ±2 mm (Standard Size)
Quantity 10 condoms
Usage For single use only

Durex Extra Time condoms - Audio

Audio Description for Durex Extra Time condoms.

Durex extra time condom vs Durex extended pleasure condom:

Recently, Durex has renamed Durex extended pleasure condom as the Durex Extra Time Condom so the Durex Extra Time Condoms and Durex extended pleasure condoms both are the same product. It’s the same long lasting condom with an exciting new name. Buy Durex Extra time condom and enjoy extra special moments with your partner.

Are Durex extra time condoms safe?

Yes, Durex extra time condoms or any other climax delay condoms are completely safe. There might be an exception if you are allergic to benzocaine. The chemical used in these extra time condoms to make you last go extra time. Generally, all climax delay condoms have benzocaine lubricants. These long lasting condoms will have 5% of benzocaine in them. How it works is, it will slightly numb your genitalia for a few minutes, which will hence delay your climax. Be assured that you are not allergic to those chemicals. All climax delay condoms are safe and they save you from unexpected pregnancy and STDs.

Durex extra time condom review

Durex Extra time review has mostly been positive. Check out all the customer's reviews and ratings for Durex Extra Time Condoms here. Most of the customers have rated it 5/5 stars and have also given out good Durex Extra Time Condoms reviews.

One of the customers wrote “Really I enjoyed. My partner gets satisfaction. This is a super one for longer intimacy!”

Another customer said “Super quality...Amazing experience...Fully satisfied for my partner and me. I Love this product...”

One more customer wrote” very nice my time increased. Wonderful product. It's worthy, no side effect...”

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Durex Extra Time Condom work?

Durex extra time condoms contain a special lubricant. That is called as Benzocaine. This Benzocaine lubricant is to ensure the most extreme pleasure for the receiving partner. Extra time condoms are perfect for young couples who need additional support to match their needs. They feature a body heat-activation which is a desensitizing 5% delay lubricant on the inside which helps to prolong sexual excitement for longer lasting enjoyment and delayed climax. 

What are the best Extra Time Condom brands available in India?

Every condom brands have multiple climax delay condoms like Durex extra time condoms, Durex extended pleasure, Skore not out climax delay condom, Moods all night, KamaSutra long last condom, Kohinoor extra time condom, Skore timeless climax delay condom, Carex power shot condoms and many more other brands. Out of all of these climax delay condoms, Durex extra time has emerged as popular choice for its reliability and long last features.

What is the size of Durex Extra Time Condoms?

Everyone has to check with their suitable size before buying a condom. Choosing the right condom size is extremely significant. Condoms have different sizes like small, medium, large and extra large. In India, almost all the condoms sizes are of a single standard sizing including Durex pleasure extra time Condoms. So the Size of Durex Extra Time condom is 180 mm (length) and 53 ±2 mm (width).

What is the price of Durex Extra Time Condoms?

Durex Extra Time Condoms are available in two different packs such as 3's and 10's. Durex Extra Time Condom 3's pack price is Rs.66 and 10's pack price is Rs.198. Average, per piece of Durex Extra Time Condom price is Rs.20.

Where can I buy Durex Extra Time Condoms in India?

Condoms are widely available in all medical shops. You can purchase condoms from medical stores. If you are apprehensive to go to a medical shop, you can always visit our store located in Chennai. We have a wide variety of options and unlike medical shops, you don't have to hesitate with us.

Or, just buy it online here! We have a broad variety of options and unlike medical shops and pharmacies, you don't have to be shy with us. It's an easier and simpler option. You may place an order online in our website, which will be delivered to you in a discreet pack within 2-7 business days with discreet packaging and 100% privacy.

What is the difference between Durex extended pleasure and Durex extra time condom?

Many of the customers asked the same question. The answer is both are the same. Recently, Durex brand has renamed Durex extended pleasure condom as the Durex Extra Time Condom so the Durex Extra Time Condoms and Durex extended pleasure condoms both are the same product.

Can I reuse Durex Extra Time Condom?

No, Durex Extra Time Condoms are designed for a single use only. In India, almost all the condom brands come in only for single use. Reusing extra time condom would be inefficient as they are meant for single use only. So, it is necessary that you dispose of the Durex long lasting condom right after using it.

What is the shape of Durex Extra Time Condoms?

Durex Extra Time condoms are straight walled shaped which makes it convenient and easy to use. This shape gives you a better fit and makes it simple for you to roll on the Durex extended pleasure condom over your genitalia.

What is the colour of Durex Extra Time Condoms?

Durex Extra Time condom colour is Transparent. Durex extra time features are not just limited to climax delay but also extends to the better fit, perfect size and transparent colour.

Durex Extra Time: How to use?

Using the Durex extra long lasting condom is quite easy as it fits perfectly over the male genitalia. You just have to make sure that you roll it correctly on fully erected genitalia. Do not wear it inside out as it would make it ineffective.

Durex Extra Time Condom - Video

Check out the video on Durex Extra Time Condoms!

Questions about this product

Minimum time extension while using extra time condoms??
Asked on 06-Aug-2019
Durex extra time condom will help you to extend the time up to 10 - 12 minutes.
Answered on 07-Aug-2019

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