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Do women really love flavoured condoms?

Do women really love flavoured condoms?

The answer is undoubtedly a big Yes!  Flavoured Condoms add a novel experience to the very act of oral sexual intercourse. They contain a mild flavour additive to them which makes it much pleasurable for the woman during the act of oral lovemaking. Some women get turned off by the latex smell of regular condoms which does not make intercourse exciting. The availability of flavored condoms online takes oral sex to the next level. It is not only fun and exciting but also tasty! The idea of coating the outer side of the condoms with different types of flavors like chocolate, banana, strawberry, etc not only makes it appealing but also enjoyable oral sex. Flavoured condoms in India are indeed very popular and are offered as a variant by brands like Okamoto and Durex. Other than the apparent benefit of the flavour, these kinds of condoms are also equally effective and efficient in preventing pregnancies and the transmission of STDs. As a matter of fact, condoms must be used at all times, irrespective of you having sexual intercourse or oral sex. When it comes to condoms, there are high chances that you have already saturated with the usage of traditional condoms. How about we add some interesting aroma and flavour to it? You never know, it might just revolutionize the way you have sex by adding more excitement and sense of fulfilment.

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Flavour Aroma: The fragrance of distinctly flavoured condoms enhance the mood to have sexual intercourse. The aroma makes the experience more passionate and intimate. A pleasant fragrance always sexually excites a woman and makes her more romantic and wild. The condom industry has been consistently reinventing itself to make sex much more pleasurable. Flavoured condoms these days come in colours and long-time sex condom that complements the flavours. The longing fragrance of a flavoured condom can transform the moment and makes the woman extremely seductive.

The lubricant in a flavoured Condom: Although unflavored condoms also likewise have lubricants, however pleasant-smelling flavoured condoms with lubricants tend to be much more liked by women. Also, the very thought or imagination of literally eating your partner out is very erotic. In fact, some people buy lubricants that are flavoured to have extra pleasure and flavour.

A fragrance of a penis with Flavoured Condom: A lot of women love the taste and smell of flavours on the male organ while having sexual intercourse. Sometimes, even men desire oral sex and the nice aroma of a flavoured condom makes it an out of the world experience. Flavoured condoms are reckoned as the best condoms in India for oral sex. 

Flavours Impact: Most women like litchi while some prefer banana or chocolate flavoured condom. To improve the feeling of performing oral sex, these flavours add spice and makes the moment extremely interesting with your sexual relationship. 

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Modified on 20 Jul, 2022

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