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Evolution of Disposable Underwear

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Evolution of Disposable Underwear

Ever thought about disposable underwear for babies that our uncles and aunts or neighbours used to have for their newborn babies? Of course, they weren’t made with the materials that of this generations', who buy disposable underwear that is of advanced quality, but with a cloth. This cloth disposable underwear were used for some dozen odd times, washed with hands and then was disposed of. That probably was the first disposable underwear we would have seen in our life. Although you wouldn't be able to buy disposable underwear made of cloth, you can get yourself other advanced types of disposable underwear, which are so thin that they can be barely felt on your body, yet strong, made with various different materials suiting the needs of the user. They have become one of the most important travel accessory for women! You can buy disposable underwear online in India at shycart, where your privacy is the policy!


Let's see the baby steps taken by disposable underwear to have become the adult disposable underwear that they are now:

Long Long Long Time Ago

Have you seen the depictions of Adam and Eve covered with leaves right? Those are the first known disposable underwear known to man. Okay, that was a poor joke. Back to the topic, there aren’t any clear registered use of the disposable underwear. So, we can only guess that using natural materials such as leaf wraps or animal skins to control leaks.


Let's travel to the age to the first known usage of a disposable underwear – the 1800s

Facts say that people believed that disposable underwear were ‘conceived’ (really?) at this time of the millennia to solve the problem of leaking. As one cant simply buy disposable underwear, the solution was very simple – tear up your old linen dress (or a new one) to a rectangular folded linen cloth, fixed to the ‘spot’ with the help of safety pins.


Upgrade of tech – people started using rather large sized tissues in the place of cloth!


This is the age of V2 Rocket, thanks to Wernher von Braun. With the help of such techs, we happily stepped into Space travel. With that exploration, Astronauts were in dire of need of underwear which could be later disposed off after a use. The technology developed for disposable underwear wasn’t great. You can understand when you realise that in the early days, male astronauts  wore a collection pouch and with condom shaped sheath while the female astronauts wore “disposable absorption containment trunks” held together with a zipper.


The 70s can be said as the breakthrough age for adult disposable underwear as the designs included the usage of reusable tape, which gave a better fit and the evolution of absorbent materials to stop leaks.



The 80s is where the technology that was introduced in the 70s was fine tuned to be apt for ‘daily usage’. With this, people showed interest to buy disposable underwear and from then on, it has become one hot selling prodcut range in the market.


As every decade gives something, the big technological advancement of the 90s was the liquid absorbing chemical known as sodium polychromate. Thanks to astronauts, for whom it was originally intended. This chemical helped the development of special adult disposable underwear which could be worn for rather an extended period of time.


Although the tech for bladder leakage were introduced in the 70s itself, it truly entered the commercial market and for regular usage in the 21st century only. Not only that, with every passing year, the tech got better and better that, nowadays you can buy disposable underwear which are as light as air and as thin a paper, without compromising the quality of the product.


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Modified on 06 May, 2020

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