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Sweaty boobs - how freshbody can help you?

Sweaty boobs - how freshbody can help you?

Many girls experience perspiration between or under breast that makes them uncomfortable, feel embarrassed and it is typically hard for us to stay fresh. Some folks refer it as "swoobs" and bacteria are the main culprit that causes sweat under your breast. A woman who has a large cup breast size is often frustrated because of discomfort and there is a greater probability of unveiling musky bad odour due to swoobs. However woman try to  compensate it by applying baby powder around breast, placing tissue inside the bra in order to absorb sweat, but it all ends up creating more mess and irritation. Fresh body is one of the best remedies for sweat boobs.


Fresh Breasts - Beat the sweat

Fresh breasts help to prevent from wetness and it keeps your breast area fresh and dry. It is a Soothing cream that quickly dries into clump free powder. It helps to relieve from awkward sweat and smell, especially for larger breasted girls.


How it is different from powders and deodorants?

Fresh breasts come with perfume-free, natural, aluminium talc-free and paraben-free too. It dries quickly, so it won't make a white mark around boobs like baby powder does. However deodorant helps to prevent body odour, some of them containing aluminium causes Breast cancer. Fresh breast does not have any effects since it is aluminium talc-free.



It does not incur any side effect as it is clinically tested and hypoallergenic product. It is applicable to both sensitive and non-sensitive skin as it is being made exclusively for anti-chafing and meant to be hygienic. It is the best alternative option against messy powders.

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Modified on 25 Jul, 2019

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