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How difficult is it for women to urinate in outdoors?

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How difficult is it for women to urinate in outdoors?

Girls , Imagine when you were out for camping,trekking,sports or any outdoor event,and suddenly there you feel an urgency to urinate.Horrible enough mostly there wouldn't be a bathroom and though if you find one it increases your worry about hygiene.

Unable to find any rest rooms in such areas the female folks go hunting for a hidden place.The worst part follows.Either you must pull down your inner wear and pants entirely or remove it partially and squat to discharge the fluid.

How lucky the men are ? They can simply choose a hide out,stand and turn to their back and there it goes easy.

Why can't women stand and urinate?

Unlike the men, the private parts of the women faces the ground when standing tall.If she tries to urinate while standing, there are high chances of wetting her legs and clothes,which is even more disgusting.Now it is very vivid that it is naturally impossible or highly uncomfortable for a woman to stand and void.What if it can be done with the help of an equipment? Yes. Women portable urination device solves all the above issues.Such a blessed stuff is "GoGirl".

What is GoGirl?

GoGirl is a portable female urination device that empowers you to stand and urinate like men. Since the product is composed of  medically graded super flexible silicon, it is very safe and  easily foldable into a tiny bag to carry. It is  clean,tested and recommended for its ease-of -use. It is featured with a unique splash guard that avoids leakage.The product is available in pink and Khaki colors.Comfortable to store in your hand bag,pant pocket and wallet.Best for everyday use.The device can be disposed or reused as desired.

How to use?

Very simple. Stand straight. Slightly widen your legs.Place the GoGirl firmly on your genitals and urinate freely. There may be little splashing and wetting initially.But great to use once the technique is mastered after frequent experiments.Beginners try it in your own bathroom first.Take it to outdoors only after you are confident about the handling.It can be cleaned,dried and reused by storing it in a hygienic way.

For whom?-For Every woman.

Truly ingenious and innovative enough, this product is for all women.Especially for active young girls,who engage in sports,trekking, travelling,camping and other outdoor activities.Best during pregnancy and after pregnancy.Ideal for elderly woman who finds difficulty in bending their knees at the time of voiding. An alternate solution in case of a leg injury or joint pain where squatting to urinate is painful.


This product puts an end to all your efforts to explore outdoor toilets.

The secondary benefit is, it keeps you free from the tension of unhygienic rest rooms.

It is funny and enjoyable since it is unusual and unnatural.

It is worth a gift since it is inexpensive yet most valued for its use.

Very safe and causes no allergy or infections.

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Modified on 05 Aug, 2019

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