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Buy best female urination device in India

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Buy Female urination device online in India

Stand and Pee device or female urination device is a device that permits females to urinate while standing. FUDs (female urinating devices) are specially designed for women to maintain intimate hygiene. This feminine urinary device has become a life saver of women who always hated to sit and pee in public toilets. Women's urinal funnels are portable, comfortable and very easy to use. With urinating device, women can pee like men without having the need to sit while urinating. Usually, public toilets are very much prone to infections which makes it awkard and hesitant for women to sit and urinate. Ladies pee device is the perfect solution to this problem as it allows women to stand and urinate to prevent urinary tract infection and diseases.

What is a Female Urinating Device?

A female urination device (FUD) is a device which helps a woman or girl to urinate while standing upright. There are variations like basic disposable funnels to more elaborate reusable designs. Female urination devices have been in existence since early 1990s. Female Urinating devices are used by women while travelling and also for medical reasons. It is also known as female urination aid or stand-to-pee device (STP).

Purpose of Female Urinating Device

Women can't pee like men in the outer space and urinting in the public place is not very hygiene which will make not only women even men susceptible to dangerous disease or infections. More than 30% of women suffer from diseases like urinary tract infection by excreting in unhygienic public toilets. With the toilets made available by the government, accessibility and the cleanliness are the main issues when it comes to public toilets. While many would argue that toilets in subways or public places are usually clean, none can argue on the fact that they are made to look hygienic but the public places are the birth place of bacteria, viruses and germs. Urination has never been a difficulty for men, unlike women where it brings both humiliation and health issues.

Taking all these factors into account, many organizations have started manufacturing disposable female urination devices such as female urine funnel and ladies urine pot which comes to the rescue for women. These portable female urination devices allow women to stand and pee, just like men, offering sanitation and cleanliness at the core but in a more hygienic manner. Disposable female urination device is used to stand and pee avoiding dirty toilet seats. Women are Loving the ease and comfort that these female urination devices offer. Today, most women have become keen consumers of female urination devices online in India.

Different types of Female Urination Devices

Disposable FUDs

These are regularly a durable paper or cardboard, rarely flushable, and proposed for temporary use. They are easier to carry around in your car or purse, and like the ever-present coffee cup, easy to use and recycle. If you are on the verge of getting your first FUD, you might want to try a disposable one first.

Non-Disposable or Reusable Female Urinating Device

These devices last for a long period. They are usually made of plastic or latex, durable funnels that you can use and re-use, cleaning between uses with soap and water, sanitary wipes, or even by running them through a dishwasher. Some are hydrophobic to strip away moisture or antibacterial to prevent any hygienic issues on long hiking trips.

Where can we purchase FUD?

Female urination devices can be purchased from both medical stores and online at affordable prices. But due to social stigma, women are not feeling comfortable buying Urinating device at a physical outlet. So most women buy female urinating device online in India at shycart. Buy FUD in India which are very convenient, cost saving, reusable and eco-friendly. Moreover, these urinating devices are antibacterial and antifungal. Many women consider it is very convenient during menstruation, in a gathering and while travelling in a vehicle.

Benefits of FUD

From small school girls who are going on to an excursion, girl scouts going on to camps, young women travelling outside on office tours, trekkers who are on an adventure, moms on shopping trips to pregnant and elderly women can use such devices to urinate easily since squatting and sitting on the toilet seat are burdensome and unhygienic for them in these occasions.

Challenges while using FUD

It is really disappointing that companies manufacturing female urination devices for the comfort of women have to face numerous difficulties. Such one difficulty is the lack of open acceptance even by women. Despite being bold and confident, every 6 out of 10 working women avoid buying a female urination device in supermarkets. It is like history is repeating itself when the sanitary napkins had started marketing decades before. Women are introverted and uncomfortable to openly purchase ladies pee device in the presence of male customers. Even they are reluctant to buy urinating device for women online. Censure from men is another difficulty which female urination device manufacturers have to face every now and then. According to some reports, it is just too much to publicize urinating problems of women in public, which they suppose to be talked about behind the doors. It seems as if several segments of society are unable to see the value such as female urination devices is creating for women.

Female urination device price in India

Disposable female urination device price starts from Rs.99 for a pack of 10 pieces and they range till Rs.175 for a pack of 10 pieces, and reusable female urination device price is Rs.800 for a single pack.

Best female urination device in India

Here are the lists of top 3 female urination device online in India,

    1. Gogirl Reusable Female Urination Device
  • 2. Sanfe Disposable Portable Urination Device
  • 3. PINQ Disposable Female Urination Device

Who can use this pee device?

It is ideal for those who hate dirty toilets while traveling or trekking, outdoor in colleges, offices and restaurants, arthritis, diabetes and pregnancy.

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