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Buy best female urination device online in India at best price. Female urination devices are portable, very easy and comfortable to use. Order female travel urinal device online, check out female urination device reviews, compare reusable and disposable female urination device brands, price online.
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Female urination device India

Stand and Pee device or female urination device is a device that permits females to urinate while standing. It is specially designed for ladies. This feminine urinary device has always been a nightmare for females to sit and use public toilets. Women's urinal funnels are portable, comfortable and very easy to use. Magic of women peeing like men is through this device. Usually, public toilets are infectious and thereby make it difficult for women to sit and urinate. Ladies pee device is the perfect solution to this problem as it allows women to stand and urinate to prevent urinary tract infection and diseases.

Female urination device types

Female urination device comes in two different types, such as disposable female urination device and reusable female urination device. Both are available online in India.

1. Disposable female urination device

Disposable female urination devices are made of a disposable biodegradable paper. It is convenient to carry around in the car or purse. It is designed to allow girls and ladies to hold it securely to pee. Toss it away in the rubbish after use.

2. Reusable female urination device

Reusable female urination device is made from medical grade silicone. It can be reusable up to 5 years and leak-free device. Wash and dry it and use it again storing it in the reusable female urination device. Everyone can drop it in a bowl of boiling water and shake it dry and use it as many time as you want.

Best female urination device in India

Here are the lists of top 3 female urination device online in India,

    1. Gogirl Reusable Female Urination Device
  • 2. Sanfe Disposable Portable Urination Device
  • 3. PINQ Disposable Female Urination Device

4. Who can use this pee device?

It is ideal for those who hate dirty toilets while traveling or trekking, outdoor in colleges, offices and restaurants, arthritis, diabetes and pregnancy.

Female urination device price in India

Disposable female urination device price starts from Rs.99 for a pack of 10 pieces and they range till Rs.175 for a pack of 10 pieces, and reusable female urination device price is Rs.800 for a single pack.

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