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Glide shaving razors - different varieties and uses

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Glide shaving razors - different varieties and uses

Shaving for a reason - enjoy exposing.

Who doesn't want a clean, smooth and shining hairless legs, hands and armpits? The joy of wearing a modern sexy outfit or a bikini can be completely enjoyed, without any embarrassments, only if you have clean-shaven body parts. Your eligibility for backless gowns, sleeveless tops, micro mini skirts is the elimination of the minute black element form your body.

Is shaving a struggle for women?

Shaving for most of us is an uninteresting, tough to handle, tiresome task. You proceed shaving slowly with a void why to do this feeling. But once you complete the assignment, how great it feels to look at those shining smooth dermis.
It is a common myth that shaving is a troublesome job. But once you master the art of shaving, trust me, you are going to dutifully execute it every time. Glide shaving razors for women are truly blessed stuff.

Glide shaving razors

An American origin, Glide has a wide variety of shaving products for women. This company has a high profile and a brand value for wet shaving. Best quality and design are the firm's trademark, popularly known for its clinical and industrial use. The products speak for themselves. The Glide shaving razors vary in design, colour and its purpose of use.

Varieties of Glide razors:

Glide Grace Razor for women x 5

 A perfectly handy design, a pack of 2 razors, best for a clean shave. 5 bladed pack that acts soft on the skin.


Glide Bikini 3 up Razor X Pack of 3 

A combo pack of 3 razors, Custom-made for women, especially for a clean, hairless bikini area. Sturdy product with a small head to reach the intimate parts with no difficulty. A protective cover containing two disposable blades for use.

Glide Glory Razor X pack of 5

A premium quality product for feminine care, safe on skin and good for personal hygiene. Twin blade disposable razor with rubber grip handle, a pack of 5, made of fine quality is known for its durability.

 How to shave using razors?

Women mostly worry about the hair in their legs, armpits and pubic areas. For smooth and shining legs shaving it on a regular basis works. Simple efforts give you great results. wet your skin first with water and moisturize with shaving cream. Rub the cream against your skin till it lathers well. Then begin the process of shaving by gliding the device from top to bottom of the leg. Don't try it the other way. Slowly concentrate on all the sides of your leg. end the process once you confirm no traces of hair left. Continue the same for the tricky areas like knee and anklets. Wash off the cream to find a hair-free, fresh portion of your body. Don't panic if any irritation occurs. Use any after shave lotion for a cool sensation. Now you are ready for your fashion show.
Hairs on your legs-harmless, but the armpit hair causes wetness due to sweat and odour. Highly undesirable to wear any glamorous sleeveless outfits. Cleanse the underarms with soap to remove any deodorant or some fragrant sprays. Apply moisturizing shaving cream and lather well. Stay in a hands-up position for a better and a complete shave. Unlike the legs, use the blade in any convenient directions. Wash the armpit once you are done. It is not advised to use any deodorants immediately after shaving, leave the area to dry.

Hair in the female genital area-very unlikely and unpleasant, worst of all root cause for infections and irritations. Trim your pubic hair, if you are a beginner or the hair is too lengthy to use a razor, with a scissor. Wet the vagina with warm water and moisturize it with a shaving foam till it lathers. Use a special bikini razor for your genital area. Hold your skin tight to avoid any cuts or irritations. Move the razor from the bottom to the top. Gently and slowly shave the labia. Do not shave too much, since it causes a burning sensation. Wash the genitals after a clean shave. It is unhealthy to apply talcum powders to your genitals. Better lubricate it with an unscented mild preferably baby oil aftershave. You can buy lubricant online in India at low price. 

Step out happily and confidently with a brilliant shine.
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