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What are vaginal dilators? What are they used for?

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A vaginal dilator is a medical device that is used by women to gently stretch vaginal muscles to avoid pain and discomfort during penetration. Vaginal dilators for women are specially designed to restore or expand pelvic floor muscles. The device is cylindrically shaped so that inserted into the vagina and used as per the instructions, it helps to open or stretch vaginal tissues. Vaginal dilators online are used to treat a variety of conditions. 


1. Vaginal dilators come in different sizes. 

2. Start with the smaller one, once comfortable you can start using the wider sizes. 

3. Dilators are available in both medical grade plastic and silicone. 

4. Using a water based lubricant can ease the insertion process.  

5. You can buy vaginal dilators online in India. When used as per the instructions, vaginal dilators are usually safe and effective.




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Modified on 12 Sep, 2022

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