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What are the types of vaginal dilators?

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Using vaginal dilators works effectively in keeping your vaginal muscles open and elastic. This can help to reduce pain during sexual intercourse. There are different types of vaginal dilators online. From medical grade plastic to silicone, they come in different materials and sizes. For easier use, some dilators come with handles.

1. Plastic vaginal dilators:

Dilators made of plastic are firm dilators. Some people prefer using them as they can move and expand vaginal muscles better than silicone dilators.

2. Silicone vaginal dilators:

Dilators made of silicone are softer, and flexible and offer a gentle feel when compared to plastic dilators. These dilators are less irritating. Based on your comfort and preference silicone dilators can be chilled or warmed. 

Knowing the basic information about different types of dilators can help you choose the right one. Based on your specific condition, your doctors may suggest which one to choose. You can buy vaginal dilators online in India. shycart showcases the best dilators for women from different brands. Check out the price, reviews and usage instructions and buy one.


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Modified on 12 Sep, 2022

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