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Vaginismus Vaginal Dilator Set - Pack of 6 Different Sizes

Vaginismus Vaginal Dilator Set - Pack of 6 Different Sizes

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Vaginal dilators are tube-shaped devices and tools of graduated widths used to develop or restore the vaginal opening. This medical grade vaginal dilator kit is the perfect method for treating vaginismus and other similar conditions and this dilator kit has 6 multi-sized graduated dilators, a universal handle, lubricant and care instructions all within a soft unbleached cotton pouch. The vaginal dilator set comes with six different sizes of small, medium and large vaginal dilator touchable yet easy-to-clean medical-grade dilators (and made in the USA). It has an ergonomically shaped solid handle with a lock. Women find that dilators (used with sexual lubricants) also keep their vaginal tissues elastic and comfortable. Typically dilators provided as a set, along with instructions for exercises, gradually, gently, and comfortably stretch the vaginal opening and the vaginal depth to comfortably accept sexual penetration. There are several conditions and reasons that call for the use of vaginal dilators: vaginal atrophy, post-radiation adhesions, and vaginismus. But one may also use dilators simply to maintain their vaginal tissues. Older vaginas remain very strong and comfortable only with use, and dilators are a great tool for keeping the vaginal tissues elastic and comfortable.

What is Dilators Set?

Vaginal dilators are are medical-graded devices and tools of graduated widths used to develop or restore the vaginal opening. Vaginal dilators may also be described as firm and rounded cylinders Dilators are used to keep the vaginal tissues pliable and healthy and to help return the vaginal opening and canal to a size that is functional for the patient’s sexual activity preferences. They come in different sizes and range from the width of a pinky finger to the width of a cucumber. The closest description to describe dilators is “phallic”. Dilators gently stretch the vagina and relax the surrounding muscles in order to increase the length and girth of the vagina. They help one to gain control over their pelvic floor muscles, including mobility and flexibility.

Vaginismus dilator set has been used since the late 1980’s as a component of pelvic floor rehabilitation therapy for the sexual function. Also commonly known as vaginal trainers or spacers, vaginal dilators are designed to stretch or expand the vaginal opening, tissues and musculature. They help one primarily to return to or begin their penetrative sexual activity. This tool can help improve the comfort level during vaginal penetration which in turn translates into an increased quality of sex life for women and their partners. Vaginal dilators are used to regenerate the vaginal capacity, expand the vaginal walls, add elasticity to the tissues and also to allow for comfortable sexual intercourse.

Vaginismus Vaginal Dilators - Audio

Audio Description for Vaginismus Vaginal Dilators.

Women who suffer from several categories of medical conditions, benefit profoundly from the use of medical vaginal dilators. Let us go through a few categories of people who benefit to a great extent by using our vaginal dilators kit.

The first group involves women with conditions that have resulted in anatomical changes within the pelvis. This includes genetic conditions, a surgery, response to medical treatments (Graft-versus-host disease -GvHD) and cancer patients with sexuality issues after radiation, cancer treatments and surgically induced menopause.

The second group includes women with medical conditions that may cause painful or restricted vaginal penetration or intercourse. This category includes the following medical conditions but is not limited to, Vulvodynia, Vestibulodynia, Vulvovaginal atrophy, Vaginal Stenosis, Lichens Sclerosis, Painful Bladder Syndrome, Interstitial Cystitis, perineal tears, episiotomy and pelvic pain after childbirth.

The third group includes women with chronic pelvic pain who have either pelvic girdle (the SI joint, coccyx, pubic region) or bladder and bowel symptoms. Often, in this case, the dilator is used as a way to stretch the pelvic floor muscles.

A fourth group includes women who have not been able to have a pelvic gynecological exam, wear a tampon during their menstrual cycle, or be sexually active with vaginal penetration despite multiple attempts. This condition is known as vaginismus. Often women with vaginismus are to learn to control their muscle responses, focus on insertion techniques and understand the neuroscience of pain, fear and anxiety.

Knowing which dilator to use and following clear directions supports women in their process of recovery. With the support of physical therapy women most often move from being embarrassed, confused and discouraged to confident, inspired and empowered.

To use the vaginal dilators, a person starts with a small dilator that can fit inside the vagina without any difficulty. The user then carefully inserts the dilators of gradually increasing size into the vagina, one at a time, thereby slowly increasing vaginal capacity. The purpose is to literally “dilate” (widen and lengthen) the vagina and creating more space inside. Dilation makes sexual penetration not only easier and more pleasurable but also aids in restoring the vagina to a more comfortable shape and length. Dilators are most often used to treat conditions like vaginal stenosis (constriction or tightening of the vagina that can occur after pelvic radiation) and vaginismus (involuntary tightening of the muscle that surrounds the opening to the vagina–the bulbocavernosus muscle) successfully.

Made in the USA:-


In a set of 6 plus an ergonomic solid-lock handle, the graduated sizes are designed for successful progressive therapy. Rounded at one end, the dilators have a larger base on the other. Made of medical-graded device, the dilators can be cleaned flawlessly with warm water and mild soap.

Why we chose it?

Easy-to-clean medical grade device used in these resembles body tissue, pleasant to the touch yet firm enough for efficient and effective use. The medical grade dilator also retains body heat and can be warmed under running water for more comfortable use. The sizes allow for successful graduated therapy.

Different sizes of Dilators Kits:-

Vaginal dilators are also known as retainers. Medical dilators are customarily available in specially designed dilator kits. Dilator kits comprise a range of different sized dilators to allow for appropriate size and progression of treatment over time. Each set includes 6 multi-sized graduated vaginal dilators, a universal handle, lubricant and cares instructions all in a soft unbleached pouch. The dilators are carefully crafted with a comfortable size range, a seamless finish, and a silky low-friction texture to allow smooth entry and eliminate a sticking sensation.

A convenient handle improves insertion control while keeping lubricant off one’s hands. The product is medically safe for individual use and easy to clean with warm water. For storage portability and privacy, dilators fit one inside another thereby forming a conveniently small package to carry along with you anywhere at any time. Beyond the materials, they are also designed with numerous other benefits such as the natural tip shape, external handle, slight taper for easier transition between sizes, an appropriate size range, and other benefits.

Vaginal dilators are used in the treatment of Vaginismus:-

The Vaginismus Vaginal Dilators uses a smooth, medical grade dilator that is uniquely created to glide into the body for more simple and comfortable use. They feature a silky texture and unlike any other vaginal trainers on the market, they are never sticky or hard. The graduated sizes allow for one to find their perfect fit and progress rapidly.
Imagine feeling relief from vaginal pain and being able to do absolutely everything that you want:

  • Enjoy incredible Sex
  • Be more comfortable when you wear a tampon
  • Be able to go through a medical exam if needed smoothly
  • Feel less or no pain during everyday activities

Dilators Help Control the PC Muscles

When used appropriately, vaginal dilators are very helpful in vaginismus treatment. Vaginal Dilators can be very effective tools by helping to eliminate the PC muscle reflex, the primary underlying cause of vaginismus tightness, burning, and penetration difficulties. They help enable women to have precise control over the size, speed, and angle of insertions and provide an alternative means to trigger the PC reflex. Together along with appropriate exercises, as women consciously and consistently press and relax the PC muscles with dilator insertions, they learn how to override the involuntary muscle contractions that had earlier caused tightness or closed the entrance to the vagina. Through the proper use of dilators, women easily develop control over the involuntary tightness and simultaneously desensitize their vaginal muscles, body and mind to the sensation of having something in their vagina. This is all done as transition preparation for insertion without pain or tightness. Together along with appropriate exercises, they help women retrain their bodies to respond well to penetration and to transition to completely pain-free intercourse.

Stretching vs Gaining Control

Note that there is more to treating vaginismus than just using the dilators. Contrary to the popular belief, the focus of dilator use in treating vaginismus is not limited to simply stretch the vaginal tissues or vaginal opening, but rather to assist women to gain and enhance control of their pelvic floor. Women with penetration difficulties related to their vaginismus often mistakenly assume that dilators are used to stretch the vaginal opening so that it will become larger, when in fact, their penetration problems are in no way related to the size of the vagina but rather to problems with the involuntary tightness of the pelvic floor. Dilators together with pelvic floor exercises are used to control the involuntary tightness. The name vaginal dilator is actually a bit of a misnomer since dilator use is not generally focused on dilation (which means to make wider or larger). For this reason, specialists refer to them as vaginal trainers or spacers. There are also alternatives to dilator use, but in practice women usually find dilators to be the easiest aid for a successful treatment.

Dual Purpose Situations

Some women, especially those who are recovering from pelvic surgery or facing some age-related hormone changes like menopause, have a dual purpose for the dilators, both in the rehabilitative stretching of the vaginal tissues and the rehabilitation of the pelvic floor musculature responses (tightness from vaginismus). Dilators are helpful aids that are the most effective when part of a complete process with proper physical instructions and transition steps.

Vaginal dilation is helpful for lots of reasons. Apart from sexual intercourse, dilation is also helpful for gynecologic exams, using tampons and gaining more control over your pelvic floor muscles. If you wait too long to commence dilation, it may become harder to regain vaginal capacity later or to treat the underlying problem.
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How to use/insert vaginal dilators?

Getting Started

Designate a place in your home that is safe and comfortable for your vaginal trainer practice preferably a place that is quiet and calm. Now at the outset, lie down on your back with your knees bent at a 45-degree angle. They should be a shoulder-width apart. If you find this difficult, you may place pillows under your knees for additional support. Rest your feet comfortably on the bed or the couch. Make sure that you can easily and smoothly touch the opening of your vagina. Use a hand mirror if you need it. Find your pelvic floor muscles and practice some physical exercises for some time.


Directions before use: Wash and cleanse the dilators well with mild, fragrance-free soap and warm water. Let the dilators air dry.

• Begin by testing the smaller size Vaginal Dilators to see which size you are comfortable inserting. You may find that initially when you start to use dilators, you can only tolerate the tip and that is absolutely normal. Increase dilator size slowly only after you can insert current size dilator with ease.

• Place a small amount of natural water-based personal lubricant at the tip of the dilator. Avoid lubricants containing petrochemicals as these tend to cause pelvic floor tissue irritation and exacerbate pain.

• Focus on your breathing using a series of slow breaths deeply. Try to breathe with relaxed deep breaths so that your belly rises with the inhalation and falls with the exhalation. This is called diaphragmatic breathing. Pelvic Floor Muscle Relaxation breathing is to breathe and relax your pelvic floor muscles. This can be used in combination with pelvic floor warm-up exercises to relax the pelvic floor muscles prior to and during vaginal dilator treatment.

• Continue diaphragmatic deep breathing for up to 5 to 10 minutes at the outset of the session.

• Observe within deeply for any areas of muscle tension from the top of your head to your toes. Look for any muscular tension around any part of your body. Mentally make each region relax and loosen with each breath out. As you exhale, let the vaginal area soften much more with each breath. Now visualize or imagine this area in a state of softness and softening further with every exhalation.

• In a private place, preferably a bed or a couch, lie on your back or in the fetal position. Bend both knees and spread your legs gently apart. Taking calm breaths continue to relax your body. Rest the narrow end of the dilator against the opening of the vagina continuing relaxed diaphragmatic breathing. Gently insert the end of the dilator smoothly into the entrance of the vagina when you feel ready to do so. Using gentle pressure, insert the smaller round end of the dilator into your vagina slowly and carefully. Make sure that the dilator shaft is inserted only as deeply as is comfortable for you. Gradually, take care to insert the dilator only to a tolerable depth within your vagina. Keep the level of discomfort minimal and if you still feel any discomfort pause for up to a minute at a time, continuing to breathe and relax your pelvic floor.

Infographic explaining how to use vaginal dilator



• When discomfort has completely eased then progress further as tolerated stopping at regular intervals is advised to accommodate your body to the sensation and lengthening of the tissues. (Never insert the dilator beyond the level of personal comfort)
• Continue lying on your back while the Vaginal Dilator is in place. Let it remain for 20-30 minutes (the longer the better) before taking it out. You may have to hold the dilator in place, as your vaginal muscles could try to push it out.
• When you can comfortably insert a dilator all the way inside, you are ready to graduate to the next dilator size. When you can insert a smaller dilator with ease, you may progress up to the next size within the same session. Make sure that your muscles should be relaxed. Moving to the next size vaginal dilator should then be made easier. Note: progressing with the different sizes may take days or weeks to complete comfortably.
• When you have finished, gently withdraw the dilator and give yourself ample rest and recover before getting up.
• Now, wash the vaginal dilators after use with mild, fragrance-free soap and warm water. Let the vaginal dilators air dry. Vaginal dilation requires patience. It may take three months or longer for your vagina to expand enough for vaginal intercourse. Frequent, short sessions will give you the best and expected results.

Additional Dilator Therapy Techniques:-

The following are some but not limited to dilator techniques for lengthening tissues and minimizing adhesions.
These are some types of dilator therapy techniques that may be followed by you.
• Gradually increasing the depth of the dilator penetration
• Delicately rotating the handle of the dilator
• Massage in a circular motion slowly
• Moving the dilator diagonally i.e. forwards and backwards, and left to right motion
• Moving the dilator in and out while maintaining gentle pressure against the vaginal wall
• Maintaining gentle pressure against an area of discomfort for up to a minute
• Progressing the size of the dilator perfectly
• Involving your partner as well in the dilator therapy

Where to buy Vaginal dilators?

Vaginismus dilator sets are available in India from our website. Buy Vaginal Dilator Online in India, shycart offers a range of vaginal dilators for discreet packing delivery to your home with 100% privacy. Vaginal dilators help for women to lead a normal sex life after gynaecological surgery, Radiation Or The Menopause. Conditions such as vaginismus, painful and dyspareunia intercourse are very common and the use of a vaginal dilator is a recommended treatment to make penetration easier.

Price of the Vaginal Dilator:

The best vaginal dilator with best prices in India rate at Rs.6400 for a pack of six different sizes with the high quality of the dilator is available online India. Get a guarantee of 100% Genuine Products delivered in a multi-layered, concealed and discreet packaging to maintain your privacy.

Vaginismus Vaginal Dilator Kit- Infographic

Check out the infographic about Vaginismus Vaginal Dilator Kit which details the ratings and reviews, advantages for the product.

Vaginismus Vaginal Dilator Kit- Infographic

Vaginismus Vaginal Dilator Kit - Video:

Check out the video on Vaginismus Vaginal Dilator Kit!

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Is this silicon ?
Asked on 20-Jun-2019
No. It is medical-grade plastic.
Answered on 15-Jul-2019

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I got married in 2013. After 4 year of uncomfortable sex and around 15 months of no sex at all due to the fear of heavy pain. When i bought the dilator set from shycart and first day I started with the very smallest size of level one. 2nd day, I started with the 2nd and 3rd, left that 40 mins then next day moved on to 4th level for 10 mins. It was very painful to insert and I had tried starting with the 4th level. so I back to the 3rd level and Took around 3 weeks using for 30-40 mins each day. After next week moved on to 4th level for 10 mins, when I could attempt the largest dilator. After another week, I have finally managed to have pain free sex so my hubby and I had sex for the first time in ages. Really really pleased as didn't think it would work. Thank you so much for shycart.
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I was 26 years old and lost my virginity, I suffered from vaginal dryness and painful intercourse & it felt like a burning sensation and that my whole vagina is like closing and does not allow anything! So I was very depressed. I spoke out about it to my hubby...So both me and my husband decided to do something about it, I saw a sexual health expert who put it down to being 'vaginismus' which is what I expected it to be. But for me, the same help was not near my house and after some research that my doctor was completely useless about this we found this. So took the step of ordering them. I received within 2days when I have to say wow, at first I was doubtful as I never thought I'd even have the ability to use the first size however following SEVEN days then I found myself working my way up to the largest size. I won't lie and say it was easy because at the time I felt like giving up yet whatever I can say is DONT be patient, be casual and take as much time as necessary. I used it 2 months regularly, now I can have pain free sex, so women don't endure peacefully purchase this amazing product and get yourself back on track to having an extraordinary sexual life. :)
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I bought this product because I had very painful sex. The first day I worked first 2 levels, leaving each inserted for 7-10 minutes. Second day, I started with the 3rd level when I had pain so I left that in for 1 minute after back to 2 level and worked out 15 minutes after that I started 3rd level, left that in for 15 minutes. On the third day, I had tried starting with the 4th but it was painful to insert so I moved back to the 3rd, then inserting the 4th was pain free. Next day I started with 5th level but It was very painful to insert and I had tried starting with the 5th level so again I used only 4th level for next 3 days. After one week I continued 5th level when i inserting easily without pain. Seven days I worked 5th level for 25-30 minutes. Totally i used this dilator sets for 14 days, On 15th day, before sex, I again used the 5th only for 2 minutes. Finally I started sex with my hubby! when I had pain-free penetration for the first time ever! My goal is to be able to not have to use this right before sex, but until I work up to this point, it's totally worth doing it to be able to not only not have pain, but to truly enjoy sex. I'm soo happy! Thanks to Shycart! Highly recommended product! Note: If you are moving up levels, you do not have to find someplace to set down the used one - it just nests inside. It does, though, make it slightly harder to clean up, though not too bad. Again, I consider it is worth it.
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This is a very good product. As I suffer from vaginismus and after many times failed attempts. So I bought this dilator from Shycart and I worked out daily 20 minutes. I have finally found a product that solved my problem and now no more pain during my sex life. I’d almost given up on having a “normal” sex life. I just wanted to let you know about my great success and relief because of your product, dedicated to helping a woman like me attain normal sex lives. Keep up the good work and thanks! Excellent product...Thanks to Shycart.
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I'm glad I found this site to buy products I don't find at stores. Satisfied with the purchase.

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