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What is so special about Durex Jeans?

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What is so special about Durex Jeans?

When it comes to fashion, jeans are probably the best invention ever. The name of the product is what that is so special. While almost all the other condoms have a ‘sexier’ name like ‘Durex Excite Me’, ‘Moods All Night’, ‘Kamasutra Wet n Wild’, ‘Kohinoor Xtra Time’ - the list goes on, the name Durex Jeans sound subtle. Every time the condom than ever brands Durex comes up with something new. Durex super fit condom is marketed on the fact that people these days are more sexual than ever.

Imagine yourself walking into the pharmacy and amidst 10 odd customers, you are asking, ‘Hey, can I get a Excite Me?’. Might feel weird, right? But, when you are asking ‘Hi, can I get a pair of Jeans?’, it would sound subtle. So, it's just a play on words that makes Durex Jeans special. Other than that is a very normal straight walled condom available in 2 pieces pack at Rs. 25 a pack.



Durex promises that this condom is also comfortable to use. Does comfort even count when using condoms? To the one using it, comfort should weigh just as much as functionality. But to determine if this condom would be comfortable for yourself. we have to first look at its size.

It is target market is the digital savvy and upwardly mobile population that uses online dating sites and hooks up with ease. The important readily available being ready to “get some” at any time is more crucial than ever. Thus, so is the need readily available. The Durex Jeans condom package is made thin so it can be hidden in plain sight. Its quality and level of protection, however, is as reliable as any Durex condom. Like denim, it is also packed in pairs but will remain as inconspicuous as ever.

What better way to protect yourself from STDs and unwanted pregnancies than to sheath your sword every time you do the deed? With condoms that are ultra-thin, you won’t even notice that you’re covered rather than bareback. But thin doesn’t always mean slim and inconspicuous enough to be placed in your back pocket. With the Durex Jeans, however, you can place a pair of condoms in your denim’s back pocket, and no one will ever know.

Jindal described the packet as so slim that it “disappears in your jeans pocket.” No need to be wary about bringing a condom with you and getting caught, which often sends a negative message to the person you’re with. It is also packaged in design and colour similar to a pair of jeans, so anyone who sees it would not readily guess that it’s a condom. There are no intimate pictures on the packet, either.

Durex Jeans Condom Size

When it comes to size, Durex Jeans caters to guys with an average sized penis. Its width is around 53mm and length 180mm. You can check the condom sizes easily when you buy condoms since it is mentioned. If you usually use smaller or larger condoms, then Durex Jeans is probably not the right choice for you. 

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Modified on 09 Jul, 2020

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