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Best dotted condoms in India

Best dotted condoms in India

Once you start to buy condom regularly you would soon get tired of the normal ones, as there are various condoms types and condoms sizes available to choose from. So, you would start searching for best-dotted condoms, best-ribbed condoms, best ribbed and dotted condoms etc and would prefer the extra dotted condom benefits once you experience them. In this article, we’ll discuss best-dotted condoms available and where you can buy condoms online with absolute privacy. 

What are the best dotted condoms in India?

No top condoms manufacturers have ever missed to take the dotted condoms advantage in their lineup. Almost Skore's 90% of the lineup is extra dotted condoms, and so are Manforce dotted condoms.

 Durex Dotted condoms

  1. Durex Extra dotted condoms
  2. Durex Pleasure Me condoms

Moods Dotted condoms

  1. Moods 1500 Dots condoms
  2. Moods Dotted condoms
  3. Moods Cool condoms
  4. Moods Blaze condoms
  5. Moods Absolute Xtasy condoms
  6. Moods Melange condoms
  7. Moods Aloe condoms
  8. Moods Strawberry condoms
  9. Moods Chocolate condoms
  10. Moods Silver Blaze condoms
  11. MoodsSilver Cool condoms
  12. MoodsSilver 1500 Dots condoms
  13. MoodsSilver Electrify condoms
  14. MoodsSilver Joyride condoms

 Skore Dotted condoms

  1. Skore Shades condoms
  2. Skore Dots condoms
  3. Skore Not Out condoms
  4. Skore Orange condoms
  5. Skore Chocolate condoms
  6. Skore Strawberry condoms
  7. Skore Champion Zig Zag condoms
  8. Skore Champion Time Less condoms

Manforce Dotted condoms

  1. Manforce Staylong Orange condoms
  2. Manforce Staylong Pineapple condoms
  3. Manforce Wild Coffee condoms
  4. Manforce Wild Chocolate condoms
  5. Manforce Wild Strawberry condoms

Kamasutra Dotted condoms

  1. KamaSutra Pleasure Wet n' Wild condoms
  2. KamaSutra Pleasure Intensity condoms
  3. KamaSutra Pleasure LongLast condoms
  4. KamaSutra Excite Chocolate condoms
  5. KamaSutra Excite Butterscotch condoms
  6. KamaSutra Excite Banana condoms
  7. KamaSutra Excite Strawberry condoms
  8. KamaSutra Excite Grapes condoms
  9. KamaSutra Excite Vanilla condoms

Top 10 dotted condoms (with dots and ribs)

1. Skore Champion TimeLess condoms - With a unique ZigZag formation of dots and ribs, these ribbed and dotted condoms give a unique sensation of ecstasy. This also being a climax delay condoms (extra time condoms) makes that ecstasy last much longer. It also comes with disposable pouches, which is again a unique feature, makes it easy to clean. So, these make Skore Champion TimeLess condoms first in best-dotted condoms list.

                                               Skore TimeLess Dotted Condoms

2. KamaSutra Pleasure Intensity condoms - With its dots, ribs, climax delay, anatomical and flared shape makes this ribbed as well as dotted condoms, the 2nd best dotted condoms. These dotted condoms are sure to skyrocket your pleasure. But what if you could prolong it as long as you always dreamt of. Yes! it is feasible if you buy long lasting spray from Kamasutra. 

                                                 KamaSutra Intensity Condoms


 3. Moods Silver Electrify condoms - The silver condoms from moods is one of the top quality condoms and Electrify condoms does live up to their name and electrifies both you and your partner with its dotted and ribbed texture and with the 5% benzocaine content. With these features, this is really extra time condoms while being dotted condoms as well.

                                                Moods Silver Electrify Condoms

4. Durex Pleasure Me condoms - with it unique Easy On feature and Anatomical shape for an easy and snug fit, these dotted condoms, which are also ribbed condoms, make them be the 4th best dotted condoms list.

                                                    Durex Pleasure me condoms

                                                             Flavoured condoms

5. Skore Champion ZigZag condoms - These condoms have the same features as that of the TimeLess condoms but it is not extra time condoms. So, if you would like something that is not climax delay condoms, you should be choosing this.

                                                Skore Champion ZigZag Condoms


6. Moods Silver Joyride condoms - This one has the same features as that of the Moods Silver Electrify condoms but it is not extra time condoms. So, if you prefer something that is not climax delay condoms, you can go for this.

                                                Buy Moods Silver Condoms online

7. Moods Silver Blaze - With a Warm and Stimulating lubrication, these ribbed and dotted condoms will set your partner ablaze.

                                                 Buy moods silver blaze condoms


8. Moods Silver Cool - With the Cool and Stimulating lubricant, this dotted condoms, which are also ribbed, will give you the coolest feeling.

                                           moods silver cool condoms

9. Moods Aloe condoms - Another flavoured condom with both dotted and ribbed texture to make you go wild. With sensational Aloe flavoured condoms oozing aloe all over the room, you will go crazy.

                                   Moods Aloe flavoured condoms

10. Manforce Wild condoms - These are flavoured condoms with the dotted and ribbed texture. Currently, only a few other flavoured condoms have both the textures. It is available in three flavours - Chocolate condoms, Coffee condoms and strawberry condoms.

Manforce dotted condoms

Best dotted condoms in India - Video

Top 10 dotted condoms (only dots)

  1. Skore Not Out condoms - With 1500+ dots, the Skore Not Out dotted condoms, which are also climax delay condoms makes perform all night and still you’ll be Not Out with the extra dotted condoms advantage.
  2. KamaSutra Pleasure LongLast condoms - As the name suggest, these are extra time condoms and also dotted condoms. So, this just Not Out, you can continue the pleasure.
  3. KamaSutra Pleasure Wet‘n Wild condoms - Dotted condoms lubricated with silicone lubrication. This one of a kind dotted condoms has, not just single layer but double lubrication to make you smooth and frictionless all night long. Even then if you feel lubrication is not suffice, then buy lubricant from KS. 
  4. Durex Excite Me condoms - These are the dotted condoms from one of the top condoms manufacturer in India. You definitely can trust and experience the Durex dotted condoms advantage
  5. Moods Silver 1500 Dots condoms- The silver condoms from Moods are premium condoms. Experience the extra dotted condoms advantage from 1500 dots, made with a top quality latex material.
  6. Moods Absolute Xtsasy condoms - Suiting to their name, these dotted condoms, with their climax delay condoms content and the flared shape makes it easy to put on performances for extra time.
  7. Skore Raised Dots with Extra Lubrication - To make the art of Skoring more pleasurable and to take extra dotted condoms advantage use the Skore Raised Dots dotted condoms. With the extra lubrication, you never would have felt more pleasurable.
  8. Manforce Staylong condoms - The dotted condoms are not only flavoured condoms but, as the name itself says, are climax delay condoms as well. So, now stay all night long and scent the room with Orange and Pineapple.
  9. Moods Melange condoms - Flavoured condoms with a unique combination of Butterscotch, Vanilla and Strawberry makes this flavoured dotted condoms yummy in a distinct way.
  10. KamaSutra Excite Series - Dotted condoms which are also flavoured condoms. Choose from the various Chocolate condoms, Butterscotch condoms, Banana condoms, Strawberry condoms, Grapes condoms and Vanilla condoms.


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Durex excite me is super one for more pleasure.
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Durex excite me is super one for more pleasure.
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