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Durex jeans condom 2s x 6


Durex play vibrations (vibrating ring)


Durex play very cherry intimate lubricant


Durex play - sweet strawberry - 50ml


Durex play tingle 50 ml tingling intimate lube


Durex play massage 2in1 stimulating intimate lube & massage gel 200ml


Durex play massage 2in1 sensual intimate lube


Durex excite me


Durex Extended Pleasure Condoms - 1 pack - 10 condoms


Durex Feel Thin Condoms - 10s


Durex taste me apple 10's


Fruity flavored condoms combo of 3

345 335

Durex excite me 3s X 3


Durex extended, Skore not out, Moods all night condoms

345 340

Condoms for dotted-thin-flavour combo

395 385

Durex play tingling and kamasutra longlast spray combo

675 665

Skore Condom and Durex Lube Combo

555 545

Durex massage gel - ribbed condoms

750 740

Durex massage gel and KamaSutra honeymoon pack

1249 1229

Durex different flavoured lubes combo

950 935

Durex Extra Time Condoms Combo Pack of 3's x 3


Durex Extra Time Condoms Pack of 3's x 3


Cooling pleasurable long lasting condoms combo - 3 packs

345 335

Durex Condom Combo - All Varieties Of Durex Condoms

885 870

Durex Thin condoms and Lubes

995 980

Durex Feel Thin and Pleasure Condoms with Sensual Lubes

1010 999

Durex Massage Lube and Dotted Condoms Combo

995 980

Durex Extended Pleasure Condom with Massage Gel

1010 999

Durex Massage Gel and Thin Condoms Combo

1010 999

Durex - Moods - Skore Condoms Combo

575 565

Durex excite me and Banana Flavored condoms combo

260 250

Durex Feel Thin and Massage Gel pack of 2

830 820

Durex Air Ultra Thin Condom 10's pack


Durex feel thin condoms pack of 3s X 3


Durex Extra Time Condoms Pack of 10 condoms


Durex Extra Thin Condoms


Durex Extra Dotted Condoms


Durex Extra Thin and Extra Time Condoms Combo

360 350

Durex Extra Dotted and Extra Time Condoms Combo

360 350

Durex Extra Ribbed Condoms


Durex Condom Combo - New Varieties Of Durex Condoms

900 870

Durex Jeans Super Fit Condoms Jar 25 Pack


Extra Thin Condoms combo

300 280

Durex Thin Condoms Combo

360 350

Ultra Slim Condom

390 380

Extra Slim Condoms

400 380

Extra time condoms combo pack of 3 - 32 condoms

374 360

Super fit size condom

270 260

Apple flavoured condoms

345 345

Super dotted and extra time condoms combo

340 325

Durex Honey Moon Pack


You can buy Durex condoms online at shycart, who happens to be the World's no. 1 safest condom brand, providing branded condoms with over 90+ years of experience in the sex industry. It is trusted by millions of lovers around the world, daily. Dureks doesn't just meet worldwide condom standards, it exceeds them, giving you the confidence to love the sex you have. The special way Durex make kondoms means they smell much better and will invite you to experience more passion. Their principle are Durability, Reliability and Excellence i.e. abbreviated form of DU-RE-X. Formerly Durex belongs to SLL, later it got tied up with British group RB (Reckitt Benkiser).

You should buy Durex condoms online as the brand delivers the royal sexual feel, which users can realize while using it. This brand also promotes other sexual wellness products like Vibrations, Rings, Condoms and Lubes. Well, Durex vibrators are coming in three different varieties: Devil ring, Ultra pleasure ring and love sex play vibrator. Durex also offers Kondoms with many varieties like Pleasure Me, Taste Me Apple, Excite Me, Feel Thin and Extended Pleasure (long lasting condom). If you love sex, definitely you will love these items manufactured by Durex. Personal lubricant gels were made with special flavors: Sensual (Ylang), Stimulating, Cherry and Strawberry. It is capable of being used for both anal and oral sex. Wanna buy Durex condom online? Then don’t hesitate to shop with Shycart.com where discreet packaging and 100% privacy are guaranteed.

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