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Durex Play Tingling Cooling Lubricant - 50ml Pleasure Gel

Durex Play Tingling Cooling Lubricant - 50ml Pleasure Gel

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Durex Play tingle lube online is formulated to offer a tingling experience which offers a silky feel &it can be applied throughout the body. Durex Play lubricants are made of the ingredients that warm, cool & tingles. Durex tingle gel is considered as all-in-one lubricant and makes you crave and love sex sensations. Apply as frequently as you wish, for both oral and vaginal sex. Durex Play lubes are water-based personal lubricants and condom-friendly lubes (i.e.) safe to use with condom and silicone made sex toys and vibrators. Also, Durex lubes in India can ease vaginal dryness and eliminate any kind of discomforts for both of you whilst making an erotic ordeal. Apply a little Durex tingling gel and you will, for sure, feel the uplifted tingling sensations. It has a zingy, invigorating taste and clean scent.

Durex Play Tingling Cooling Lubricant - Product Information

Brand Durex
Description Non-sticky, Non-greasy, Non-staining and Sugar-free
Type Water Based Lubricants - Condom Friendly Lubricants
Flavour None
Capacity 50ml
Sugar Sugar-free
Tested against breakage Yes, clinically tested.
Price Rs.475

Why we use lubricants?

Regardless of how provocative she’s feeling, her body may not generally give enough lubrication every time you make love to her. Using a Durex play tingle gel, not only will give excellent lubrication, but it can also add zest to your intoxicating intimacy. And this Durex play lubricant with your sex toys can result in more satisfaction and in fact, Durex tingling gel is most loved by lesbians. Almost all Durex lubes in India are water based personal lubricant from Durex which are ideal and most suited for silicone made sex toys and vibrators, in the event that you are hoping to make things considerably more sensual. The best thing to do is just relax, enjoy and experiment Durex Tingle gel for your coquettish coitus. 

Why Durex Tingle Gel is best?

i. Water Soluble and simple to wash off. 
ii. pH Balanced harmless and skin friendly. 
iii. Non-sticky and non-recolouring. 
iv. Can be used oral &vaginal sex. 
v. Fragrance and menthol free lubricant.
vi. Doesn't contains spermicide.

Note:It is best to avoid contact with your eyes.

Durex Play Tingling Gel ingredients

Glycerin, Aqua, Propylene Glycol, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Benzoic Acid, Sodium Saccharin, Sodium Hydroxide, Flavour, Dimethicone.

Durex Tingle Gel price online

Durex Play tingling gel available online at a very affordable and reasonable price. A Durex Tingle gel will cost you 475 INR.

How to use

  1. Open the cap of Durex bottle.
  2. Squeeze the bottle slightly to pour sufficient gel on your palm.
  3. Now massage the gel on your genitals

Durex Play tingle gel is water solvent and easy to wash. It's non-sticky and won't recolour yet it's best to avoid contact with eyes. Store Durex tingle in a cold dry place. Keep out of reach to children.

Durex Play Tingle Gel Reviews

Till date, almost 600 units have been sold and we are glad to satisfy our customer needs. In fact, all our customers who purchase Durex Play Tingle gel online at shycart had rated it 5/5. Check out the Durex Tingle gel review at down below the comment section.

Durex tingle lubricant side effects

Naturally, play lubricant doesn't give reactions. In the event that you encounter disturbance, quit utilizing this lube. On the off chance that disturbance proceeds or if extra lube is required constantly, incline toward your master.

Durex tingle lubricant - Video

Questions about this product

Durex Play Tingling Cooling Lubricant - 50ml Pleasure Gel - Reviews

5 / 5





Overall a really great experience
Delivered the product the next day. Discreet packing and loved the service. Best of class
overall good experience.
Good product -
I wasn't able to find this lube in stock online anywhere else, but shycart during the time of purchase. The product is a good lube but honestly the cool and warm sensations are mild and not as intense as I expected. But it works better than the plain flavored ones due to the extra sensation created.

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