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Sasmar sexual lubricants - varieties and types

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Sasmar sexual lubricants - varieties and types


Fertility friendly lubricant for conceiving naturally.
FDA approved, clinically tested and highly trusted product used in more than 60 countries.
Calcium and magnesium ions retain the potentiality of the cells.
Gels easily with the genetic fluid to form an isotonic medium.
 Result-oriented and very safe to use as well. 


Combo pack of three distinct flavours of personal lubricants gel Classic 50ml, Warming 50ml, and Strawberry 50ml.
Formulated for guaranteed extended pleasure.
Can be used by both the partners to complement each other. 
Helps to retain the moisture for a longer duration and gives better sexual experience.
Absolutely safe to use with  natural rubber latex, polyisoprene, and polyurethane condoms
Available in more than 60 countries.

SASMAR Duo Classic+ warming

It is a super-saver pack with two different products ensuring ultra-smooth and warming sensation.
 This water-based lubricants when applied generates a feeling of warmth for a more thrilling sexual experience.
It gives extra moisture to avoid vaginal dryness.
The lubricant formula has no sugar, oils, flavour, fragrance or parabens.
The product is compatible to be used with or without condoms.


Natural fertility lubricant, that contains calcium and magnesium ions for retaining cell viability.
This product is specially designed for intra-vaginal applications.
Approved by FDA, suggested by doctors and fertility centres widely used across the world.
This lubricant is isotonic in nature with the other genital fluids.
This result-oriented product is very safe and can be used by both partners during intercourse.

SASMAR original 2-in-1 lubricant

A premium quality, a luxurious product from SASMAR with high-grade silicone for a super smooth feeling.
This lubricant is Non-sticky, concentrated and serves a dual purpose as a lube and massage oil.
The long-lasting moisturizing effect is ideal for a comforting sexual activity.
Compatible to use with natural rubber latex, polyisoprene, and polyurethane condoms.
This lube contains no sugar, oil, fragrance or parabens.
 Hypoallergenic and good to use on sensitive skin.
You can buy lubes in different distinct flavours:
SASMAR Cherry 50 ml, SASMAR Warming 60 ml, SASMAR Strawberry 60 ml SASMAR Pina Colada 50 ml.
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Modified on 29 Jun, 2020

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