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Is personal lubricant safe during pregnancy

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Yes, it is safe to use pregnancy-safe lubes during pregnancy. During pregnancy, some women experience vaginal dryness while some women experience extra vaginal lubrication due to hormonal changes. When you are experiencing vaginal dryness or not feeling comfortable during intercourse, you can use personal lubricant during pregnancy.

Will personal lubricant reach the baby during pregnancy? This is the main concern for pregnant women while using lubes during pregnancy. Since your cervix is tightly closed, there is no danger of lubricant reaching the baby.

Best lube to use during pregnancy

During pregnancy, it is recommended to use water-based lubricants. They are smooth and contain water as the main ingredient. They get absorbed into the skin easily and there is only little risk of infection or irritation. Make sure you use lubricants with no additives, flavors and special sensations. The chemicals and sugar in these lubricants might contribute to the risk of developing infections. For some women, oil-based and silicone-based lubricants may alter the pH balance of their vagina and lead to infections.

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Modified on 12 Feb, 2021

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