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Gender of the fetus

Is there any Male and Female differentiation in the sperm? Is gender of the fetus is determined by that particular fusing sperm (Male or female)?


There is no male and female differentiationin sperm. The gender of the fetus is determined by the chromosome present in thesperm cells.

The sperm cells consist of 23 pairs (46)chromosomes. 22 pairs are X and 1 pair of Y chromosome. Whereas the eggsconsist of only 23 chromosomes. All the 23 chromosome are the X Chromosomes.

After fertilization of the egg, the 23chromosomes in the sperm joins the 23 chromosomes in the egg cells, whichtogether forms 23 pairs of chromosomes. Out of this, 22 pairs determine thephysical features of the baby. The one last pair of chromosome determines thegender of the baby.

If the X chromosome from the sperm cells isfused with the egg, the gender is female. If the Y chromosome is fused with theegg, then the gender is male.

So the Gender of the baby absolutely dependson the sperm cells.

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