Medela mini electric breast pump online reviews

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Medela mini electric breast pump online reviews


It easy to use and easy to clean also.

But bit noisy during operation.


Noisy and poor suction.


Very well designed product which took 20 minutes to extract milk from one breast.

Brest shield comes in standard which needs to be bought  when it is required for larger size and bit noisy, might disturb baby sleep.


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Best pump in market and good one compare to manual pumps and pumps milk in 15 mins times. Useful for occasional use

I didn't feel it much noisy as given by other users.


Very useful pump compared to the manual pumps in market. It's not noisy and used it when my baby is sleeping too.


 Good product that saves mothers from tough t ask of using manual breast pump which is small & easy to assemble and clean.


Amazing product and satisfied with the performance but bit noisy, no other complaints.


Superb product at an affordable price and easy to use. Just took 15 mins to extract milk.


Useful product to extract excess breast milk


Excellent and amazing product. Better than manual breast pump.

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Modified on 08 Aug, 2019

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