Medela two phase expression technology

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Medela two phase expression technology

What is 2-Phase Expression process?

It is a unique sucking pattern which a breastfeeding baby mimics in getting maximum milk extraction in less time.

How does a Baby nurse milk during breastfeeding?

Its a process that happens in two phases

Phase 1 - Fast & light sucking to make the milk flow starts.

Phase 2 – While milk starts to flow, the baby switches to slower & deeper sucks to get milk as soon as possible.

How is Medela 2-Phase Expressing Technology designed to simulate breast feeding baby’s natural mimicking process?

This happening in 2 phases such as Stimulation & Expression.

Stimulation phase (First phase)

Fast and light to start milk flowing.

Expression phase (Second phase)

Slower and make more vacuum to express breast milk smoother and efficient.

Medela’s 2 phase express technique is used in the Symphony Breastpump, Pump In Style Advanced Breastpumps, Swing Breastpump, Harmony Breastpump.

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Modified on 30 Jul, 2019

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