Types of breast pump

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Types of breast pump

1) Hospital-Grade Breast Pumps

These pumps are of a car battery size. It is manufactured for hospital purpose as well as for those who can take it for rent and they have sensitive controls which regulate suction rhythm, intensity, and pressure. These kind of pump have pumping similar to baby sucking which help in getting proper milk supply which cut down the pumping time to half to 15 minutes. But these are expensive to buy, but can be rented them from hospitals, medical-supply stores, lactation consultants, drugstores, and specialty retail stores.

Go for this option in case you wish to use it for nearly 3 months or baby has latching issues or you need increase milk supply or need power similar to hospital.


  1. Fast and efficient.
  2. Personal use automatic pump.


  1. No carrying case as it has battery & adapters
  2. You cannot hang it on to & fro from work due to heaviness

2) Normal weight personal use automatic breast pumps

It is lighter and less efficient than the hospital-grade models. The powerful motor and serious suction minimise pumping time. These pumps mimics the baby sucking with rapid, high-frequency suction first and then change to a slower, suck/swallow pattern which fosters faster milk flow.

Many models come with a bag or a backpack which is convenient for working women to carry breast pump outside home. These models equipped with chargeable adapter which is portable to charge in car or using battery when you are not near electrical points. They have all required parts like and cooling element, battery pack, AC adapter, and collection containers, lids, and stands etc


  1. Quick and portable way to double-pumping which completed pumping in minutes


  1. Not suitable if you use it occasionally
  2. Difficult to carry if take additional carrying items is there.


3) Small Electric or Battery-Operated Units

This compact device can be charged easy with current or AA batteries which fits in purse or carrying case. These are quiet device but bit sluggish where the vacuum in some models need to be regilatred for max comfort. Also the constant vacuum can cause nipple discomfort.

Select this only when you pump occasionally or stay away for couple of hours from your child.


  1. Inexpensive
  2. Portable
  3. Pump anywhere, anytime due to battery option.


  1. Pumping take too much time to fill the bottle

 4) Manual Breast Pumps

These pumps nowadays come with a piston/cylinder used to control the pressure manually and reduce the discomfort during the breast pumping. Choose it when you stay away from home, working mom, in case you travel or in power cut regions.


  1. Less expensive than electric models
  2. Do not electric source/ batteries
  3. Compact to fit in a purse.


  1. Slower than other type of pumps.
  2. Recommended for occasional

5) Hands-Free Pumps

Select this type when you have hectic schedule and like to do something else while pumping. One such model and  Medela's Freestyle is hands free pump which is a rechargeable, double electric pump. The breast shields attach to a nursing bra, the hands-free kit attaches to the top clasps of most nursing bras. Many regular breast pumps can be made hands-free with a special pumping bra.


  1. You can other activity like reading, working, e-mailing, hold your baby when using this breast pump


  1. Complicated setup which gives frustration when you are not sharp in mind
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Modified on 02 Mar, 2017

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