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Does delay spray affect pregnancy?

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To be on the safe side, it is advised to avoid delay sprays during pregnancy. Also, couples who are trying to conceive, avoid using the delay spray since there are some studies that show it can impair sperm. Since the products lidocaine and benzocaine are not considered to be safe during pregnancy, avoid using climax delay sprays when your partner is pregnant. Sometimes you or your partner might be allergic to the ingredients in the sprays. Staying away from delay sprays is the best since you may not want to take any risks.

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Does the effect of delay spray transfer to my partner?

Some people are concerned if the effect of delay spray transfers to their partner. As long as you use the product right as per the instructions and take proper care, the effect shouldn't be transferred to your partner. However, here are some tips to follow to use the product right

1. Target only the sensitive area and apply the required amount of spray.

2. Wipe off excess with a damp towel.

3. Wait till the product is absorbed into your skin.

4. Wash your hands after applying the spray.

When proper care is taken while using the delay spray , the product will not transfer or affect you or your partner in any way. While delay sprays online in India are available in many brands in the market, do some research and find the best one that suits you. Start from a minimum number of sprays and work out your way to find the right dosage for you. Applying too much or too little of the product might not give you the desired results.

Delay spray side effects - Tips to avoid

1. It is advised not to use delay spray with viagra as they might not work well together.

2. Before involving in oral sex, make sure to wipe off your penis so that the spray doesn't cause any side effects to your partner.

3. Buy a non-transferable delay spray so that the effect does not pass to your partner and make her numb. 

4. As the ingredients of delay spray might not be safe during pregnancy, avoid using delay spray if your partner is pregnant.  


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Modified on 23 Jul, 2022

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