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How should lubricants be stored

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If you want to have a consistent performance of your personal lubricants, proper storing and handling procedures are to be followed. This can have a significant impact on product effectiveness. In general, the shelf life of a personal lubricant is one to three years. During this time when the product is stored as per the instructions provided, you can see the product performs well and gives you desired results.

Best way to store lubricants

Environmental conditions, dust and fluctuating temperatures will reduce the product's shelf life and may lead to contamination. Always store lubricants indoors, in a cool, dry environment. Storing in a controlled environment helps in maintaining the quality of the product.

Do not store lubricants where there is direct sunlight or near sources of heat or steam. If a lubricant is stored too long, it might develop a foul odor, the difference in consistency and smell. In that case, dispose the product and buy a new one. To avoid this, buy lubes in small package sizes for your needs so that you need not store them for too long once opened.


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Modified on 11 Feb, 2021

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