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Manforce Staylong Gel and Grapes Flavoured condoms

Manforce Staylong Gel and Grapes Flavoured condoms

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Manforce Staylong Gel pack of 2 and Grapes Flavoured condoms 10's pack

Manforce Staylong Gel and Manforce Black Grape Flavour condoms

This unique combo from Manforce condoms consists of a lubricant gel as well as a flavoured condom. Manforce Stay Long gel is a lubricant from Manforce condoms that helps to achieve climax delay. Manforce Black grape flavoured condoms is a very special condoms that has black grape fruit as its flavour along with its dotted texture.

Manforce Staylong gel

Manforce Stay Long gel is a long last climax delay lubricant which is gel based. It is a very famous long last lubricant which is used by couples to prolong their experience of sexual pleasure. Manforce Stay long delay gel is mainly used to treat one of the very common problems in men; premature ejaculation. This delay lube is made up of Vitamin E, which helps to create a numb feeling over the applied body part for a long period of time. This allows for the couples to last longer in the bed.

Manforce Staylong Gel’s composition has 2 main components; Licodaine and Prilicaine. This delay lube can be applied over any desired area and it has absolutely no side effects. Licodaine is a delay lubricant, which is used by men to overcome the problem of premature ejaculation. Premature ejaculation is one of the very common problems that most of the men face, but do not wish to talk or share about it. They also are under the false belief that it is not curable. But, using this Delay gel or long last lubricants can help to cure this problem.

Also, Manforce Stay Long gel has a smooth lubricant, which lessens the friction during the sexual experience, making it more pleasurable. This delay gel is able to achieve climax delay by decreasing the sensitivity of the private part, prolonging the ejaculation time.

Manforce Black Grape flavoured Extra dotted Dotted condoms

This new condom from Manforce condoms is a very unique one. Nowadays, condoms are not just used for protected sex and to avoid unwanted sexually transmitted diseases. Condoms play a really important role in spicing up one’s sex life. This condom has got this amazing smell of Black grape fruit along with its unique extra dotted texture.

Manforce Black Grape flavoured extra dotted condoms is very useful to enhance your sexual pleasure. First, its unique Black grape flavour is sure to excite you and your partner with its exciting extract. Then, its extra dotted texture is specially designed to offer more friction for couples. This is sure to enhance the pleasure of sexual experience.

What is the price of Manforce Stay Long Gel and Manforce Black Grape flavoured Extra dotted Dotted condoms combo?

The cost of this unique combo is generally Rs 280. But there is a special offer on shycart, where this excellent combo of Manforce Stay long gel and Black Grape flavoured extra dotted condoms can be purchased online for just Rs. 270.

Features of Manforce Staylong Gel Grapes Flavored Condoms

  • Every woman wants their partner to use flavored condoms. Because grapes flavored condoms produce a pleasant smell. The erotic and Exotic flavor of grapes condom will make your nights longer with your loveable partner.
  • Reduce the chance of unplanned pregnancy.
  • Reduce the risk of STDs like AIDS
  • Safe sex.
  • The sensual grapes flavor condom will add pleasure during intercourse.

How to Use Manforce Staylong Gel and Grapes Flavored condoms

Squeeze the closed end of the condom slightly in order to avoid the formation of an air pocket and wear it. After your intercourse, pull the condom over the head of the penis as soon as it is erect. Immediately after ejaculation, slowly withdraw the penis by holding the rim of the condom against the penis to prevent it from sliding off.

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