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Why do guys refuse to wear condoms

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The main purpose of using condoms is to have safe sex. Protection against STDs and other infections is very important to keep yourself and your partner safe and happy. Just a little knowledge about the condom material which suits you, texture that you find pleasurable and most importantly being responsible by not taking any risks during intercourse is all that you need.

There are men who don’t like to wear condoms as they think using condoms during intercourse might reduce pleasure or affects performance. Condom manufacturers have brought many types of condoms with different textures and different materials into the market. Natural feel condoms, ultra-thin and super thin condoms provide a natural feel that they almost feel nothing. They are designed to provide enhanced pleasure and safety too.

Finding the right condom

Sometimes when the condom doesn’t fit properly, men might not feel comfortable and finds it as an interruption for happy moments. With many varieties of condoms available in the market, finding the best condom with the right fit and right feel is a simple job. Condoms are available in many textures, different materials and flavours to suit everyone’s choice. Experimenting with different condoms and finding the right one that has comfortable fit and texture solves the problem. When you hesitate to buy a condom in physical stores, buying a condom online is the best way to stay protected.

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Modified on 27 Oct, 2020

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