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Types of condoms by texture

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Types of condoms by texture

With so many types of condoms out there, everyone will have their personal favourite from them. 

Whatever branded condom you choose, they are all electronically tested against any breakage and damage issues. Textured condoms are specially designed to make intercourse more fun and pleasurable. Textured condoms like dotted and ribbed condoms are nothing but condoms whose outer surface consists of strategically placed dots and ribs to provide intense sensations wherever needed during intercourse.  

 Different types of condoms based on texture are

  • Ribbed condoms

  • Dotted condoms

  • Ribbed and dotted condoms

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Dotted Condom

The advantage of a dotted condom is that they have raised dots all over the outer layer of the condom, which will add to the energy of your striking sensation. It will increase excitement and sensation, providing extra friction and greater stimulation and enjoyment for her.

There many dotted condoms available. They are listed in no specific order.

  • Moods Dotted Condoms - a simple yet ecstatic dotted condom

  • Moods 1500 Dots - If a normal dotted condom can do wonders, imagine what a 1500 dotted condom can do? 1500 times the ecstasy?

  • Moods Cool - How about the dots make you cool 'inside' huh?

  • Moods Absolute Xtasy - Just like the name says, it's nothing but ABSOLUTE ECSTASY,

  • Moods Blaze - Well, it won't set you on fire, but you make you really feel so,

  • Moods Silver 1500 Dots - A premium version of the 1500 dots,

  • Durex Extra dotted - With its dots it will excite you

  • Skore Raised Dots with Extra Lubrication - Not just the dots, but with a more lubrication for a more easy scoring. Skore also offers a option buy lubricants for more fun and lubrication.

  • Skore Cool - well, a cool dotted condom from skore.

  • Skore Shades - bored of same old dull coloured condoms? Here it is - The Shades - will multiple colour options, it will make you go crazy with the dots and the colours 

  • Skore Chocolate - love chocolates? Take is choco condoms which are dotted condoms as well - two in one

  • KamaSutra Dotted Condoms- dotted condoms from the house of KamaSutra

  • KamaSutra Wet n’ Wild condoms - A dotted condoms, which is double lubricated for performing the art of KamaSutra all night long

Durex Excite Me

Ribbed Condoms

Although these are also similar to Dotted Condoms, they have rings instead of dots.  These Ribbed Condoms will look like a completely different texture and would offer a completely different experience. The specially designed and placed textured configuration will allow for a more noteworthy incitement and includes satisfaction and a good time for both the partners.

Ribbed condoms that are available right now are:

Moods Ribbed Condoms,

KamaSutra Ribbed Condoms

Moods Ribbed Condom


Ribbed and Dotted Condoms

Sometimes Dotted condoms won't be enough. Ribbed would be neither. That’s when you have to go for the Ribbed and Dotted condoms which have raised lines and dots all over the condoms outer layer which is placed strategically to increase the pleasures multifold.

Ribbed and Dotted condoms available are :

  • Moods Silver Blaze

  • Moods Silver Joyride

  • Moods Sliver Cool

  • Moods Silver Electrify

  • Durex Pleasure Me

  • Kamasutra Intensity

  • Skore Zig Zag

  • Skore Time Less

Skore Zig Zag

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Modified on 28 Jul, 2022

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