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What is the best sperm-friendly lubricant?

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What is a sperm friendly lubricant?

The type of lubricant you choose can make a big difference when you are trying to conceive. Sperm friendly lubricants are important when you are planning for pregnancy. Couples who are facing infertility due to some reasons like vaginal dryness, no natural lubrication during intercourse, less quality fertile cervical mucus can use sperm friendly lubricant india to increase their chances of pregnancy. These lubricants are designed to be sperm-friendly, unlike the other lubricants that are harmful to sperm.  

Best sperm-friendly lubricant

Preseed fertility lubricant is the best sperm friendly and high-quality lubricant available in the market. It is formulated to mimic fertile cervical fluids to support sperm movement to reach the egg. Preseed is developed by a sperm physiologist and is pH-balances, isotonic. This FDA approved, glycerine-free lubricant creates a welcoming environment for the sperm and supports overall sperm quality. Using preseed is safe and effective, gives a natural feeling and above all, it is a sperm-friendly lubricant. Buy preseed online in India on shycart for the best discreet online shopping experience.


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Modified on 01 Sep, 2022

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