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Types of ovulation kits

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Types of ovulation kits

Urine-based ovulation test kits

A urine-based ovulation test kits test is used to determine the ovulation period of the lady by analyzing if there is any increasing in LH hormone which tends to rise by 2-5 times during the ovulation cycle. For almost 12 to 36 hours, LH remains at biggest level thereby increasing the chances of pregnancy. Buy i know ovulation test kit which is an urine-based test kit and the results are 99% accurate as compared to saliva-based test.

Saliva-based ovulation test kit

Another significant method is that of saliva-based ovulation test kit method. This method is more convenient and popular as it only requires the saliva of a lady in order to predict the ovulation cycle.

Be it urine-based / saliva-based ovulation test kit, it is suggested to buy ovulation test kit online in India from shycart and plan your pregnancy effectively.

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Modified on 16 Oct, 2019

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