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How to Read Ovulation Test Kit

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Read Ovulation Test Kit

Ovulation Kits are similar in design to the pregnancy test kit found in many convenience and grocery stores. Ovulation Kit contains test strips. Ovulation test strips indicate your fertile window so that you will know when to intercourse, and that results in pregnancy.

Ovulation Test Strips: Collect the urine in a container and drop the strip into it. Wait for few seconds. Two line will be visible on the ovulation test strip. One is the control line indicates that the test is working properly. The other line is the test line. It appears dark or darker than the control line indicates that LH is surging.

Ovulation Thermometer: Ovulation Kit with a digital display named as Ovulation Thermometer available in shycart. A design will appear on the display indicating whether you have entered your fertile window or not.

When ovulation test result appears positive, your LH surge is taking place and the fertile window is active for the next 24 to 48 hours. For several days, the ovulation test may result positive. If your first day of testing is positive, next month you need to test a day or two days earlier, to ensure that you catch the start of your LH surge. The fertile window begins a few days before the surge.

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Modified on 20 Apr, 2021

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