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How Do Ovulation Test Kits Work

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How do Ovulation Test Kits Work?

Ovulation is one of the critical stages for women who starts their reproductive cycle. Ovum or egg is released from the ovary during the middle of the menstrual cycle. The released egg or ovum will be active for 24 hours. If you have intercourse on that day or the next day, there is a very high chance to get pregnant. Most of the Ovulation test kits in India are urine-based kits.

Ovulation Test Kits Work detects the LH hormone in women’s urine. If the ovulation test result is positive, it is the best time to have sex. Ovulation Test Kits help you to plan for your baby without missing your most fertile days. To detect or prevent your pregnancy buy Ovulation Test Kit online in India at shycart.

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Modified on 21 Apr, 2021

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