True essence of wearing a bra: understanding its varied functions

True essence of wearing a bra: understanding its varied functions

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True essence of wearing a bra: understanding its varied functions

Every woman of today has several accessories, but a bra is undoubtedly a necessity. Previously, a brassiere used to make a strong fashion statement, although it has evolved into something more significant than merely a style. Hence, every type, style, or size of a bra has become a key element in a woman¡¦s wardrobe.

Brief Overview of Brassieres

The origin of the bra has been said to begin in the ancient times, showing evidences of a strip of cloth tied around or under the breasts of women. Historians also believed that these strips of cloth were used either to support or even out the breasts, although there were no solid proofs that these pieces of garments were entirely considered bras.

During the 1500s, the said strips of cloth still functioned to shape up and lift the breasts of women. At the onset of the 20th century, these strips evolved into 2 separate cups gradually. From two basic, separate cups, the bra has become a significant sexual garment, emphasizing the sexual nature of women¡¦s breasts.

Functions of Brassieres

The function of a bra entirely depends on its type or style. Since there are several types of bras, it is imperative to find one that is not only comfortable, but should also function accordingly.

Padded ¡V A padded bra has an additional spongy layer that lifts the breasts while achieving a fuller look.

Push-Up ¡V This is almost similar to the padded variety, although the additional spongy layer is located at the sides. It tends to collect the breasts in the middle in order to appear subtle.

Full-Support ¡V This is ideal for daily use since it could cover the entire cup perfectly.

Strapless ¡V This bra covers the breasts without any strap, making it ideal while wearing tube dresses, tank tops, etc.

Under-wire ¡V This bra model has a full cup along with extra fabric underneath the buffer. It is perfect for large-breasted women.

Seamless ¡V It is usually made from extremely soft materials, sticking in breasts perfectly. This type functions mainly to conceal the trails at the back of tight dresses or shirts.

True Essence of Bras

Every woman has a different reason for wearing a bra, primarily for security purposes. Interestingly, some women got into wearing this undergarment for cultural reasons instead of protection. Thus, brassieres function mainly for support, preventing the breasts to sag. This is more applicable to women who are large-breasted and those engaged in physical activities such as sports.

As a matter of fact, the true essence of wearing a bra lies under the desire of women in achieving a beautiful breast shape. The varieties of brassieres were designed in protecting the breasts and achieving a perfect breast shape when dressed. Every variety or style of a bra has a function, allowing women to select the best type for their needs. 

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Modified on 03 Jan, 2017

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