Standard scale and international variances of bra sizes and measurements

Standard scale and international variances of bra sizes and measurements

There are differences in bra sizes among manufacturers, considering the variations of these garments in different countries. There may be disparities in the brassiere size between the Asian, American and European sizes. Hence, the bra size variations become difficult for most women in purchasing their exact bra and cup sizes.

Standard Scale

Despite the discrepancies among bra sizes, women can rely on a standard scale that is said to be the closest to the universal standards. Imperial measurements involve cup sizes in inches and interpreted as A, AA, B, C, until K. More often than not, this cup-size scale has corresponding sizes with a bra manufacturer. Apparently, women who are large-breasted are advised to consult with the bra supplier or manufacturer, ensuring appropriate bra sizes.

How to Measure a Bra Size

There are easy and quick steps in measuring bra sizes, arriving at the closest measurement possible.

Band Size ¡V Measuring bra sizes involves your band size. This is imperative throughout your purchase of a perfectly-fitting bra. You can do this by measuring around your bra and under your bust directly. Remember that the tape measure must be parallel to the ground, and then round off the result to the nearest whole number for fractional measurements. Add 4 inches if the result is an even number, but add 5 inches if the result is odd.

Cup Size ¡V Bra sizes are not equivalent to cup sizes. This is a common misconception among many women. Consequently, measuring your cup size is done by standing straight with arms at the sides, measuring the fullest part of the bust without wearing a padded bra. Make certain that the tape measure is also paralleled with the ground while rounding off the result to the nearest whole number.

Bra Size ¡V Finally, you can measure bra sizes after measuring the band and cup sizes. Calculate your bra size by subtracting the band size from the cup dimension. For instance, your band size is 34 inches and cup size is 40 inches. Since the band size is an even number, you need to add 4 inches, arriving at 38 inches. So, 40 inches minus 38 inches equal 2 inches, and is equivalent to cup B. Therefore, your size is 38B.

International Variances of Bra Sizes

Certainly, there are some differences in bra sizes. For instance, the US standard cup size is determined on half-inch boundaries while the UK cup size is calculated on one-inch boundaries. Regardless of the country, manufacturers tend to attach size labels or bra sizes which quote the equivalent size of different countries (UK size, US size, etc.). However, these measurements are inaccurate in most instances. Some manufacturers also make use of varied methods in their computations of the band and cup sizes. Thus, it is highly advised to measure bra sizes with a reliable bra fitter, bra size calculator or converter, or try on the garment prior to purchase. 

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Modified on 03 Jan, 2017

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