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Sanfe Disposable Female Urination Device - Stand and Pee - Pack of 20

  • 3 piece(s) sold
  • Brand: Sanfe

Sanfe Disposable Female Urination Device - Stand and Pee - Pack of 20

  • 3 piece(s) sold
  • Brand: Sanfe
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Sanfe Personal Hygiene and Sanitation Device for Women

Sanfe is the nation's first biodegradable and menstrual friendly female urination device which eliminates the fear of public washrooms. Sanfe can be used in all public and common washrooms. It prevents women from contracting UTI (Urinary Tract Infection). It liberates females from the constant burden of withholding their urge to pee. Sanfe helps women to avoid dirty toilet seats (Indian & Western forms) by providing assistance to stand and pee allowing women to stay Infection free. With self- adjustable design, Sanfe is gentle on the skin and leakage proof. Sanfe can be used by any woman, especially suitable for working women, school & college girls, travellers, pregnant women and women with joint and knee pain problems. Sanfe finds its use in public washrooms especially in railway stations, metro stations, airports, washroom in malls & restaurants and while at outdoors in offices, colleges and schools and Sulabh Sauchalya. Ergonomically made, Sanfe helps women to avoid holding urine, wipe toilet seats and hovering over them. Extremely easy to use with a unique feature of single-handed usage (for traditional attire of Indian women)and pocket-friendly, Sanfe lets you to Stand Up for Yourself and keep one's body healthy & hygienic.

Can I use Sanfe while I'm on my periods?

Yes, absolutely. Sanfe is a menstrual-friendly product making it a go-to product even while you are on your menstruation. The product's opening will accumulate all bodily secretions and facilitate the continuous flow of blood clots along the passage.

Will Sanfe cover my entire flow area properly?

Yes, Sanfe is flexible design allows adjustment in the size of the opening to accommodate the anatomy of the women.

Do I need to hold Sanfe with both my hands?

Not at all. You can hold sanfe with one hand as it is a single hand thumb- grip product. Sanfe not only provides a more comfortable grip but also accommodates all forms of attires especially traditional Indian women's saree.

Won't Sanfe cause irritation or scratch my private parts?

No, Sanfe is extremely gentle on the skin. It would not cause any kind of irritation to your private parts. It has been made with extreme caution for feminine intimate hygiene care.

Can Sanfe be used multiple times or only one time?

Sanfe is a one-time disposable product. One unit per usage only.

Does Sanfe help to prevent UTI?

Yes. UTI occurs due to getting in contact with dirty toilet seats whereas sanfe enables women to STAND and PEE. Hence, while using sanfe, no one would get in touch with the toilet seats and contract UTI.

Who can use Sanfe?

Each and every woman can use Sanfe. Sanfe is specially designed for pregnant women and women with joint and knee pain.

Where can we use Sanfe specifically?

You can use Sanfe mostly in public and common washrooms. You can find its use in Metros, Railway Stations, Airports, Restaurants, Malls, School, Colleges and Offices.

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