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Reasons behind Condom Failure

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Reasons behind Condom Failure

"What are the reason for condom failure?" - This question is not just asked by the first time users but also by the couples who are umpteen years old also dubious of the answer to this question. But the reality speaks for itself that is nothing in the universe is 100% flaw free and effective or efficient. A perfect example of this instance is that even our own planet has a hole in its layer. When this is the case, obviously the efficiency of a condom is often determined by not just one factor but there are many factors that determine the quality of the condoms. To state the obvious, condoms are only 98% of the time effective. As shocking as it is, this means that 2% of the times condoms will not be effective. To sum it up, so when 100 couples are using condoms to prevent pregnancy out this 100 couples 15 couples will, however, get pregnant. This should be sufficient to explain the efficacy of the condoms. Typically, the broken condoms or failure rate of the condoms is approximately estimated to be roughly 15%. Most of the times, this condom failure prevails as a result of errors and wrong usage method while using it. Since humans are born to make mistakes. But this could be a very costly mistake.

Well, first thing first, the ultimate purpose of any condom is to protect its user from unwanted pregnancy and Sexually Transmitted Diseases while having physical intercourse. And ultra-thin condoms aren't exceptional.

It doesn't matter whether it is dotted or ribbed or flavoured condom. Each and every type of condom in India has its own features at the same time it gives protection against pregnancy and STD. Moreover, almost all the condoms launched or distributed into the market only after thorough and rigorous tested to ensure quality and safe to use.

The Condom Breakage has always caused because the way the couple use of condoms in bed (before sexual intercourse). As it is a well-known fact that condoms are 98% effective if used correctly. In order to reduce the chances of condom failure, check out the few things that might help to reduce condom breakage:

  • Couples should never skip the instructions or direction printed at the backside of every condom box.
  • Never use a condom for more than 20 minutes.
  • Use correct condom size.
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Modified on 08 Jul, 2020

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