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Preseed success rate and Benefits of pre-seed lubricant

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Using the right lube is important when you are planning to conceive. Preseed is a fertility friendly lubricant when used during your ovulation time, helps the sperm to swiftly reach the egg. Fertility-friendly lubricants are sperm friendly and support the overall sperm quality. Pre seed provides sufficient lubrication to create a supportive environment for the sperm journey. Sometimes the feminine area might be prone to dryness due to various reasons and so the sperms will not find a supportive environment to swim efficiently. So it is important for couples to use a good lube that is fertility friendly and provide sufficient lubrication. Preseed lubricant creates a smooth and slippery environment fro the sperm to move swiftly without being sticky. Use right lube and increase the chances of your pregnancy.

Benefits of using pre seed lubricant 

  1. Helps in conceiving

  2. Mimics natural fertile fluids

  3. pH-balanced and isotonic

  4. Provides natural lubrication feel

  5. Eliminates vaginal dryness and makes intercourse smooth and comfortable.

  6. Improves sperm motility

  7. Skinfriendly and glycerin-free

  8. Non sticky and does not stain 

Success rate of pre-seed

Buy pre seed fertility lubricant online in India and increase your pregnancy success rate. In India, the success rate of pre seed is 99%. Many women have increased their chances of pregnancy by using preseed fertility lubricant.


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Modified on 21 Jul, 2022

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