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Playgard Super Dotted - Chocolate Flavoured Condoms 3'sx3

Playgard Super Dotted - Chocolate Flavoured Condoms 3'sx3

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Playgard more play super dotted and chocolate flavoured condoms.

Playgard Super Dotted Chocolate Flavoured Condoms - Product Details

Material Non-Allergic natural rubber latex
Flavour Chocolate
Texture Super Dotted
Shape Straight Walled & Teat ended
Colour  Transparent
Lubrication Lubricated
Condom Length  180 mm (standard)
Condom Width 53 ±2 mm 
Condom Price Rs.75
Quantity 9 Condoms

For some, it’s all about the journey and for others, it’s all about the destination. But when it comes to sexual intercourse, it is truly an unending journey. Indulge in all new levels of arousal trust Playgard and play more. Get ready to spice up your sexual life with Playgard’s assorted range of lubricated condoms. Playgard Condoms are the new age condoms well designed for pleasure coupled with much MORE pleasure. In keeping with the mission to amplify pleasure during sexual intercourse Playgard is proudly introducing in India for the first time ever, Super Dotted Condoms with 50% Bigger Dots! Playgard’s Super Dots are raised by 50% and provide extra stimulation to the women, undoubtedly exciting them in unmentionable ways!

Playgard Condoms are manufactured and marketed by Alkem Healthcare Laboratories which is known to be the fifth largest pharmaceutical company in India. All Playgard Condoms are electronically tested, pass multiple quality checks and adhere to the most superior quality standards.

A strong grip, strategically placed ridges and dots bigger than ever before making Playgard Super Dotted condoms an absolute power tool! The rugged surface is designed to add friction and engages various spots between the partners. With Super Dotted Condoms, sexual intercourse tends to get much more exciting. Use Playgard Super Dotted Chocolate Flavoured Condoms to ensure it feels absolutely great and lasts long. With Playgard’s Super Dotted Condoms, experience heightened intimacy and a more interesting sexual life. Playgard Condoms are packaged predominantly to provide for a super easy and smooth experience. Playgard comes with an easy to tear wrapper so that there isn’t a moment’s delay in removing the condom and to ensure that there is no break in rhythm. Playgard condoms also come with a disposal pouch for each condom to help you discreetly discard the condoms after use without any hassles which are very hygienic indeed.

For the first time in India, Playgard is now introducing Super Dotted Condoms. Just like dotted condoms, Super Dotted condoms have an interesting texture of evenly spread ridges. These strategically placed dots are now 50% Bigger and much more interesting! So at the time of intercourse, these super dots are specifically designed to cause just the right amount of friction at the various contact points causing enhanced sensations for both the partners.


Put on your best guard always to play it better!

The efficient condoms which we use today were invented during the 19th century. Since then, the world has witnessed many variations of condoms. A world class unique innovation is the Super Dotted Condom. It’s not similar to your regular dotted condom with infinite dots. The Super Dotted Condoms come with bigger dots than usual, for an enhanced, out-of-the-world experience. Yes, super dots chocolate flavoured are definitely in! These are 50% bigger than the regular dots so that when the condom is used, it’s not just an interesting condom, it’s an experience.

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