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Playgard Mix Fruit Flavoured - Dotted Condoms 3's x 3

Playgard Mix Fruit Flavoured - Dotted Condoms 3's x 3

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Try the zesty mix fruit flavoured Playgard Dotted Condoms and get turned on with 50% Bigger dots. With the mix fruit flavour, bring more tang into your bed!

Playgard Mix Fruit Flavoured – Dotted Condoms

Flavoured condoms

The Playgard condoms are mix fruit flavoured. These flavoured condoms give a tangy and sensual essence to foreplay sessions and make oral sex more enjoyable. Flavoured condoms are the most sought after condoms when it comes to oral pleasures. The usual taste and smell of latex can be unpleasant. It can be a major turn down for most of the people. Mix fruit flavoured condoms add excitement with its refreshing and delightful taste.

Dotted texture

The Playgard dotted condoms have a dotted texture. These dots are mounted over the surface of the condom to provide extra friction during intercourse. The best thing about dotted condoms is that the dots are 50% bigger than usual. The bigger the dots, the greater the pleasure! Increase in the friction between the genitals helps in better stimulation of nerves. Effective stimulation can result in multiple arousals and heightened pleasure. Dotted condoms pave paths for new experiences and pleasures.

Protection from STI’s

Although oral sex is pleasurable and joyful, it could lead to the transmission of diseases such as Chlamydia, syphilis and gonorrhea. Therefore it is necessary to use protection while having oral pleasures. Condoms are the best protection against STI’s. Flavoured condom not only protects you and your partner against harmful STI’s but also adds new dimensions of excitement to your sexual experience. They are a great way of having fun while still keeping the STI’s at bay.

Effectively lubricated

Lubrication is of utmost importance when it comes to vaginal or anal sex. It makes the penetrations easier and smoother. Effective lubrication can also reduce dryness produced during penetration. The undesired dryness is caused due to an inability of the body to produce natural lubrication. This lack of natural lubrication is compensated by lubricated condoms. The outer layer of the Playgard condoms is lubricated to give you an incredible experience without having to worry about excess dryness.

Playgard Mix Fruit Flavoured Dotted Condoms - Product Details:

Flavour Mix Fruit Flavour
Texture Dotted
Shape Straight Walled & Teat ended
Colour & Lubrication Transparent Lubricated
Condom Length 180 mm (min)
Condom Width 53 ±2 mm
Depth of Super Dots 0.4 to 0.45mm Vs 0.25 to 0.30mm of regular dots
Thickness Width of a regular condom is 1mm and for super dotted, it is 1.5-2mm
Quantity 9 Condoms

Product Features

• Comfortable fit
• Well lubricated
• Non-allergic latex
• Dotted texture
• Mix Fruit Flavoured

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good product
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Such an excellent mix of flavours!
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Try to reduce the amount for free shipping. Try to send it with other courier than bluedart. Its worse
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Try to reduce the amount for free shipping. Try to send it with other courier than bluedart. Its worse

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